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@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - Feb 2011

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Great idea, police use statistical analysis of accident reports - Bike, pedestrian crashes explained. http://bit.ly/eNtsXD February 28

We get a lot of enquiries about sun access. RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Where in a condo is your favorite suite?? http://ow.ly/43Xp2 February 26

Since when are 11 and 12 storeys called condo TOWERS?? In Timmins maybe, but in El Torro?? http://bit.ly/dLjxX9 February 25

Congrats to Freed team: OMB allows developer to extend height of King West condos http://bit.ly/f6u9Dg February 25

Congrats to the Freed team. RT @BuzzBuzzHome: OMB Says Yes to Freed; Vaughan Not Thrilled - http://bit.ly/fS46SA February 25

Safety tips for pedestrians http://bit.ly/hzN83C #sunglare February 25

RT @GetWindEnergy: “We simply cannot live here anymore” The noise and shadows from Wind Turbine... http://bit.ly/epCgid February 25

Urban_Toronto Word has it Empire Communities has bought 2183 Lakeshore West. This render is cool if true http://bit.ly/i3TFt6 ^ES February 24

Way too many crashes due to #sunglare. http://bit.ly/g7vjwY Marshall County teen dies in three-vehicle wreck. February 24

Muzzle flash?? LOL http://bit.ly/hhl23e Gun glare blamed in crash. February 23

LOL, the typo is their's, not mine. But, good driving tips re #sunglare. http://youtu.be/rEH4hI8nXLQ "Gun glare blamed in crash" February 23

Try signage?? http://t.co/LK3RGJx #Sunglare impairs vision by school, student hit by car, 3 in area in past 2 weeks. February 23

archfeeds Via @ArchDaily - Sky Garden House / Guz Architects http://dlvr.it/HH42y #architecture February 22

Be careful in bright #sunglare ppl. Three injured in downtown Montreal collision http://t.co/SWO1AHH via @AddThis February 22

@ottawasuncom Thanks for the RT. Hope the #sunglare info is of value to #Ottawa drivers. February 22

@ottawasuncom #OTTtraffic Expect low blinding #sunglare week of Feb 21 straight ahead w/b 417 approaching Moodie +/- 5:20 pm February 21

@TrafficServices Expect low blinding #sunglare week of Feb 21 w/b Gardiner from Park Lawn to 427 +/- 5:45 pm February 21

A Tableau of pick-up sticks - Yourhome.ca: http://bit.ly/ihOSE2 via @addthis February 20

Solar panels get their moment in the sun - Yourhome.ca: http://bit.ly/gte8Pm via @addthis February 20

What does #shadowstudy say? Boston architecture suffers from price of winning approval - Boston Globe: http://bit.ly/fGgwg6 February 20

#Sunglare and deep shadows a bad combo. Woman, child struck by car in east end - CityNews: http://bit.ly/h4ksTk via @addthis February 18

Congrats to the team. RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Tableau Launches on February 19th! http://tinyurl.com/6j9hwen February 18

Urbanation Technology and the condo - taking a virtual tour: http://t.co/Fsw2vIB @LaInc_Creative February 17

Condo may rise from lumber yard at Dundas and Manning - concern re: shadows to north. http://bit.ly/hCPogI February 17

Pedestrian fatalities at intersections often caused by #sunglare. Drivers please be aware of where the sun is. http://t.co/ZOoTZxU February 17

BuzzBuzzHome MarketTown Phase 2 Blasts Off - http://bit.ly/eFVhaW ...Barrie is rocking the condo scene. February 16

Unbelievable!! Updating Facebook during fatal crash. http://huff.to/ef1bzI February 15

Driving on a clear, sunny day can be as dangerous as driving in rain, sleet or snow. http://bit.ly/dQQF2q #sunglare February 15

Polarized sunglasses preferred. RT @TrafficServices: Is your afternoon commute to the west? Sunglasses, a cle… (cont) http://deck.ly/~Fy3Jx February 15

At what time and where are the #sunglare hotspots on your daily commute? February 15

Make sure you see traffic signals correctly in #sunglare: http://bit.ly/hTG7v5 via @addthis February 15

'World’s first skyscraper sought to intimidate masses' http://t.co/weOKIlk via @Jerusalem_Post #shadowstudy February 14

Pedestrian detection systems - I just think cars are getting too "smart" and "comfortable". No substitute for alert driver. February 12

The largest contributing factor in the Savannah NY school bus accident was #sunglare. http://bit.ly/gSZib8 February 11

Bicyclist killed when struck by motorist - #Sunglare is believed to have been the reason - POUGHKEEPSIE . http://bit.ly/fjw4KV February 11

Ideal driving conditions result in string of crashes day after storm - Caledon. http://bit.ly/fRJgNL #sunglare February 11

They've changed their minds. #Sunglare now thought to have contributed to crash. http://bit.ly/e1nrOJ February 11

Sunny weather may seem ideal for driving, but #sunglare causes numerous crashes. http://bit.ly/eju04K February 11

Police: Sun glare did not cause injury accident http://bit.ly/hRwjfM Running a red light EB at 8:15 am?? Hmmm, no chance of #sunglare? February 10

Numerous traffic accidents the day after the winter storm http://bit.ly/eXgpm8 #sunglare February 10

The sun feels stronger each day. No wonder, by 11th it'll be tracking the same path as at Halloween. Too bad it's snowing! February 9

Hard to believe, but yes it can happen - Semi rear-ends school bus http://bit.ly/gy58e7 #sunglare February 9

RT @lawscomm RT @bobfine: RT @govtechnews Kansas City Police Use Forensic Mapping to Investigate Accidents http://bit.ly/dQhMLM February 7

Dos and don’ts of winter driving - Plympton, MA - Wicked Local Plympton http://t.co/2ECGnL9 February 5

Noise & shadow flicker are subjects of Cape Cod Commission Hearing on wind turbine regulations - http://bit.ly/hvbkAn February 5

#sunglare + following too close = Crashes cause tie-ups on Niagara Thruway http://bit.ly/f5YndO February 5

Yorkdale mall draws shoppers and condo developers http://bit.ly/fSEGmj February 5

Police say charges not likely in two-bus crash - Gatineau http://bit.ly/ffRnA6 #sunglare February 5

Nice to see Clients on the list, congrats. RT @Urbanation 2010's Top Condominium developers - http://alturl.com/gjex8 February 4

Sun glare behind string of crashes on 190 - Buffalo http://bit.ly/ek2lid #sunglare February 4

@contact_mike Tx for the RT. To clarify, that post applied to the week of Jan 24. Expect #sunglare this week in that location at 8:20 am. February 3

@TrafficServices Oh I love the sun too - but not when it's straight ahead in my windshield. Anyway, let's hope for a nice day tmr. February 2

@Ottawa_Traffic Sunny forecast tmr so expect #sunglare straight ahead w/b 417 near Woodroffe 3:55 pm, w/b Baseline/Carling 4:25 pm February 2

@TrafficServices Mission accomplished. My #sunglare warnings have scared the sun away. February 2

@TrafficServices Nice sunny forecast tmr but expect #sunglare straight ahead e/b Gardiner approaching Jameson 8:20 am February 2

#shadowstudy shows approved development in Langley BC will shadow house for four months of the year http://bit.ly/fWU8zu February 2

February sunrise/sunset tables for major Canadian, US & Middle East cities have been posted. http://bit.ly/hKSt7d February 1
Cheers, Ralph

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