Wednesday, May 11, 2011

@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - April 2011

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RT BuzzBuzzHome - Huh! Maybe there is a reason why South Views are priced higher.. not just views, but LIGHT!! Learn more, and invest well: 29 Apr

Even school bus hard to see: Vision maybe impaired by sun, man dies rear-ending school bus 28 Apr

RT Onni Group - Onni's CENTRAL featured in today's Vancouver Sun - "And now for something completely different... in architecture" 28 Apr

RT Paul Mindus - Smart, green growth and walkable urban places are killing the ‘burbs - see details in today's Saint Report 28 Apr

@TrafficServices As the Doors would say, "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel". 28 Apr

Sun glare from buildings may have contributed: Edmonton pedestrian struck and killed by transit bus 21 Apr

Drivers, watch for peds esp. when shadows on road and reflections on windshield @TrafficServices 19 Apr

Didn't see that coming... Canada's auto capital named city of future 19 Apr

Do gizmos on vehicles threaten their safety? 17 Apr

@TrafficServices Buckle up! Don't be a deadly projectile to others in your car. 15 Apr

@TrafficServices Running reds gets you nowhere. Guy ahead of me ran light on Lakeshore this a.m. Next light I was beside him. 14 Apr

Sun position hindered identification of wires, copter pilot likely didn't see power line in fatal crash 13 Apr

Drivers, having sun behind you dangerous too. Can 'wash out' brake and traffic lights ahead. @TrafficServices 11 Apr

Buildings oriented according to path of the sun: Construction of Foster’s DC development begins 11 Apr

Meteorologist: Worst time for sun glare for drivers is 15 minutes after sunrise @trafficservices 8 Apr

CityCenter DC: Redevelopment of the Washington Convention Center Site Breaks Ground. 7 Apr

Even bright sunny days can be dangerous for driving. #trafficsafety 6 Apr

Drivers, anticipate changing sun conditions when rounding corners. #trafficsafety 6 Apr

RT Patrick Fox - 125 arguments and techniques opponents use to derail a real estate project — Part 1 6 Apr

Sun blinded trucker, rammed stationary traffic because he was too short 4 Apr

@ottawasuncom #ottawa drivers, sun glare most severe this week before 7:40am and after 6:30pm. #otttraffic 3 Apr

@TrafficServices TO drivers, sun glare most severe this week before 7:55am and after 6:45pm 3 Apr

Casting a shadow on Back Bay’s future: 3 Apr

New guidelines: High rise panel to finally screen 60 stalled projects 3 Apr

590ft controversial 'Triangle' tower to be built in Paris: 3 Apr

Springtime brings increase in windshield glare, but experts offer tips to help: 3 Apr

This is one law that’s needed 2 Apr

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