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@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - July 2011

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Red light, wrong move, grim result 29 Jul

Driver claims he didn't see dump truck due to #sunglare. Trucker killed. 28 Jul

RT @Urban_Toronto - Don Schmitt of Diamond + Schmitt Architects talks about Minto's The AvenDale 28 Jul

Even reflected #sunglare causes crashes. 27 Jul

It's the law. RT @DriveWiseSafety Important to move over for emerg vehicles when lights & sirens active 27 Jul

RT @mrhighwaysafety - "@Safe_Roads: Driver distracted by cell phone killed pedestrian." 27 Jul

RT @BuzzBuzzHome - KABLAM!! Looks like Cityzen will be launching Phase 3 of Pier 27 "soon"! 27 Jul

#UV radiation peak times and pointers to keep in mind. 27 Jul

If you ask me, anti-collision technology promotes distracted driving. 26 Jul

RT @maddie273 Maddie Caroll - @SunPosition Thank you. Please RT Won't Start Texting 19 Jul

@maddie273 Great video. @SunPosition Hope u like like my new music video about distracted driving - Won't Start Texting 19 Jul

And that's at high noon! RT @BuzzBuzzHome: "Mile High" tower shadow 11.9 km in #Toronto 14 Jul

Be extra careful on #Toronto roads. #Sunglare brighter than normal due to lack of humidity and haze. 14 Jul

@BuzzBuzzHome - Within 1 hr of sunrise/set, mile high tower shadows in TO would be 5.7 to 7.4 miles long. 6.3 to 8.9 for Van. 14 Jul

@BuzzBuzzHome - Mile High Tower shadows for Vancouver at solar noon are 2554' on Jun 21, 6014' on Sep 21 and 16940' on Dec 21. 14 Jul

@BuzzBuzzHome - Mile High Tower shadows for TO at solar noon are 1944' on Jun 21, 4936' on Sep 21 and 12492' on Dec 21. 14 Jul

@BuzzBuzzHome - Easily several miles long mid-morning and afternoon. 13 Jul

@BuzzBuzzHome - At solar noon, about 5268' on Dec 21, 2005' on Sep 21, and 179' on Jun 21 - longer at other times of day. 13 Jul

Wow, that's equiv to about 528 storeys, or ten 53 sty towers stacked. RT @BuzzBuzzHome Mile-High Tower! 13 Jul

Holy cow, it's shadow will reach the next time zone. RT @BuzzBuzzHome: $28.5 Billion, Mile-High Tower 13 Jul

Nice if GPS enabled phones could block calls and texts above a certain speed, like zero. 13 Jul

Pedestrian killed in St. Laurent 13 Jul

@HamiltonPolice - Great distracted driving video by #Ottawa #Police 12 Jul

@ottawasuncom - #Ottawa drivers, expect low blinding sun this week straight ahead e/b on main streets +/-5:35 am 12 Jul

@TrafficServices - Expect blinding sun this week straight ahead e/b on main #Toronto streets +/-7:15 to 7:25 am 12 Jul

@TrafficServices - Tips for cyclists - wear helmet, obey law, be seen, be aware, wear ID 12 Jul

16 Year Old Boy Charged as Adult in Fatal Crash 12 Jul

Let's hope so > Canada condo boom may avoid crash 12 Jul

@TrafficServices - Not surprised if sun played role in crash on Gardiner. 12 Jul

@RayLaHood - Great distracted driving video by #Ottawa #Police 11 Jul

RT @ottawastart - Photo: Sunrise over the Parliament Buildings 6 Jul

Try consultants? Shading restrictions exceed staff capabilities so City puts hold on energy ordinance 6 Jul

WOW, scary!! Health Hazards of Wind Turbines 6 Jul

RT @Urban_Toronto - Aura at College Park condos set to impact the skyline 6 Jul

RT @Urban_Toronto - The Beverly Hills coming to Richmond Hill - massive new project 4 Jul

RT @Torontolgy - It did get a little emotional when I passed this during my run last weekend.: Air India Flight 182 Memorial Sundial 4 Jul

@TrafficServices Great distracted driving video by #Ottawa #Police 4 Jul

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