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@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - August 2011

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RT @pffox: The neighbors opposing your project have a lawyer and a traffic expert. They're running ads. Who do you think is really paying for this? 30 Aug

@TrafficServices Cool clear weather = more intense #sunglare early & late in the day. Keep sunglasses handy, visor clear. 30 Aug

@trafficservices RT @AAASafety: VIDEO: AAA puts texting drivers to the test. 30 Aug

Sun Possible Factor In School Bus Accident. 30 Aug

Driver looked left into rising sun, then right but didn't see train. Lucky to be alive. 26 Aug

@jim_kenzie says: Here’s an overhead road sign that tells it like it is. 24 Aug

@ZoomSafer: Have a look at this great distracted driving video by #Ottawa #Police. 24 Aug

RT @sustaincities: Walking Is Good For Us. So Why Isn't It Safer? 24 Aug

RT @TweeetLorraine: I tell people to keep spare sunglasses in the glovebox. Even those ugly ones you're going to toss! 23 Aug

RT @TrafficServices: Sun glasses, a clean windshield (inside and out) and a properly adjusted visor are great safety features. 23 Aug

Car rear-ended by semi. Truck driver says he had #sunglare in his eyes and was adjusting his visor. 23 Aug

Crash kills one. View may have been obstructed due to #sunglare. 23 Aug

Minivan turns left into path of cyclist. Early morning #sunglare blamed. 20 Aug

Hey @buzzbuzzhome - In some cities this is considered 'high rise". 19 Aug

Peds, look both ways even if you have walk sign. Driver might be facing #sunglare. 19 Aug

Peds and drivers, just because you can see the other, doesn't mean they can see you. Be aware of #sunglare. 18 Aug

abcNEWS: "A pedestrian is hit by a car or truck every seven minutes." 18 Aug

OMB rulings don't please everyone: "Condo ruling irks councillor." 18 Aug

This is 'high rise’ in Lansing MI. 18 Aug

Building plans bring shadow of a doubt. 18 Aug

"It's not just the height of the buildings, sometimes they cast a shadow over fragile heritage buildings." 18 Aug

Will Philly's proposed land-use law let the sun shine in? 18 Aug

Clifton Heights Road, Edmonton, residents and city spar anew over towers plan. 17 Aug

Unusual for motorcycle to turn left into path of oncoming car. Usually other way around. #Sunglare involved. 16 Aug

RT @BuzzBuzzHome: We have lift off! Pinnacle on Adelaide's heritage house move a resounding success. @PinnacleINTL - 16 Aug

RT @Urban_Toronto: Cool time-lapse video of Pinnacle on Adelaide heritage house move. @PinnacleTO 16 Aug

Solar Streetlights Follow the Sun. 11 Aug

Tx for the RT @TrafficServices: Let's make this the #TSTOTD 11 Aug

Be prepared for driving in #sunglare. Know where your sunglasses are. @trafficservices 11 Aug

RT @ottawasuncom: #Ottawa is becoming condo city, developers say. 9 Aug

RT @archidblog: Check out the building with no shadow. 9 Aug

Sun, confusion causes of fatal Border Patrol crash. 9 Aug

Drivers beware: It's glare season (Tom Alex, DesMoines Register). 8 Aug

Sunset delayed. Muslims in world's tallest tower in Dubai told to delay breaking Ramadan fast. 7 Aug

RT @ottawastart: Sunset at Britannia Beach (photo). 7 Aug

Nice!! RT @ottawastart: Photo of the day: Sunrise south of Hunt Club. 5 Aug

School buses are out when #sunglare is worst: Officials urge caution as school starts. 4 Aug

Fatal #sunglare on waterway: 4 Aug

Saudi Arabia Begins Construction of World’s Tallest Building – The Kingdom Tower. 4 Aug

Breakthrough solar technology developed by Queen's University prof is approved for use. 4 Aug

Even 'hands-free' may not be good enough! 2 Aug

#Vancouver sunrise/sunset tables for August. 2 Aug

#Ottawa sunrise/sunset tables for August. 2 Aug

#Toronto sunrise/sunset tables for August. 2 Aug

Cyclist injured after bicycle struck by vehicle. 2 Aug

We have posted August sunrise/sunset times. 2 Aug

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