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@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - Oct 2011

#Ottawa sunset time tonight (#Halloween) is 5:52 pm. Be safe and have fun out there. 31 Oct

#Toronto sunset time tonight (#Halloween) is 6:10 pm. Be safe and have fun out there. 31 Oct

Driver possibly blinded by sun > Saturday accident claims Winona woman's life | Winona Daily News http://bit.ly/rUukoU #sunglare 31 Oct

#Ottawa sunset time after the time change Nov 6 is 4:44 pm EST, yowzers. 31 Oct

#Toronto sunset time after the time change Nov 6 is 5:02 pm EST, yowzers. 31 Oct

If you think it gets dark early now, wait until the weekend. #timechange 31 Oct

@ottawastart #Ottawa commuters, the sun will line up w many e/w streets next week at +/- 4:50 pm . Be prepared. 28 Oct

@ottawastart #Ottawa commuters, be prepared for low sun w/b next week esp 4:40 pm to set at +/- 5:50 pm. 28 Oct

RT @TrafficServices: #TrafficSafety Program coming next week focusing on #pedestrian safety. http://ow.ly/7c8Z2 28 Oct

Just received call from another #Toronto homeowner concerned about #shadow #impact from proposed #monster #house next door. 28 Oct

#Halloween #sunset times for select Canadian and US cities posted here. http://bit.ly/ohLhDT 28 Oct

@TrafficServices Sunset time in #Toronto on Halloween night is 6:10 pm. 28 Oct

@TrafficServices The sun might be out for the w/b commute tonight in #Toronto. Be prepared esp after 5pm until set at 6:14pm. 28 Oct

RT @PMABrethour: Get the skinny on slim homes here!! Featuring our own Patrick Meeds http://www.ottawacitizen.com/skinny+slim+homes/5137586/story.html 28 Oct

RT @AsEasyAsRidingMark: "the collision happened simply because he was momentarily blinded by the low sun." http://aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/road-peril/#comment-677 22 Oct

RT @NeginSayah: Le Project Triangle will be Paris’s first high-rise approved building since 1977.Check it out: http://archiduke.blogspot.com/2011/10/building-with-no-shadow.html?spref=tw 25 Oct

Was just contacted by residents' group concerned about shadow impacts from proposed condo. #shadowstudy 27 Oct

The building with no shadow | World of Architecture and Design http://bit.ly/suST2P 27 Oct

The Dangerous Job of Crossing Guards: The Injury Board http://bit.ly/vsnVWr#sunglare #trafficsafety 26 Oct

@trafficservices#Toronto sunsets line up with major e/w streets this week. Be prepared. 26 Oct

Talk about a drive-thru. Range Rover 'takes out' burger stand. #Sunglare blamed. http://bit.ly/ruNhLM #trafficsafety 26 Oct

Huh. Had a call from driver who believes driver behind him didn't see turn signal due to #sunglare on signal lens. #trafficsafety 26 Oct

@trafficservices New study says texting doubles a driver’s reaction time http://bit.ly/rOwJ0y #trafficsafety 25 Oct

#Sunglare combined with following too close? > KCRA-TV: Truck Overturns In Highway 12 Ditch http://bit.ly/rd7VuL 19 Oct

This is scary! > Legalnewsline: Jury instruction improper, N.Y. high court rules. http://bit.ly/nffQAo #sunglare #trafficsafety 19 Oct

2011 Halloween sunset time for #Toronto is 6:10 pm 19 Oct

2011 Halloween sunset times for select Canadian and US cities. http://bit.ly/ohLhDT If your location isn't listed, just ask. 19 Oct

RT @ScndHrvst: Blackberry outage accounts for fewer road accidents > http://bit.ly/qgylUh #trafficsafety #middleeast 18 Oct

Pilot hurt in plane crash: Wind, #sun #glare may have been factors. http://bit.ly/rpKJcS #sunglare 18 Oct

Sun glare defence thrown out > Staten Island Advance: The sun never sets on legal absurdity. http://bit.ly/nRDHA8 #sunglare #trafficsafety 18 Oct

RT @del_bon: I hate that I'm too short for the visor to keep the sun out of my eyes #sunglare #cantsee 16 Oct

Husband died in bus crash tragedy http://bit.ly/p7zkUz #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

Crash with train kills Harrodsburg woman http://bit.ly/o1bxkL #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

Intersection conditions cited in death of couple http://bit.ly/rnFs4b #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

RT @LawyersUSACourt: Benchmarks: Driver blinded by sun glare can't claim "sudden emergency" http://lawyersusaonline.com/benchmarks/2011/10/14/sun-glare-doesn%e2%80%99t-qualify-as-driving-%e2%80%98emergency%e2%80%99/ 14 Oct

But what if you turn into it unexpectedly? > NY court says sunset glare not a driving emergency http://on.wsj.com/q66m6a #trafficsafety 13 Oct

Every minute 3 people will have died in road crashes worldwide, 1 of them a child http://bit.ly/pPKpL7 #trafficsafety 13 Oct

By 2030 road crashes will be 5th highest cause of death and injury worldwide and by 2050, 2nd highest http://bit.ly/pPKpL7 13 Oct

Nice! RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Scale model at @fivecondos new sales centre... looks amazing! - http://ow.ly/i/j3xP 12 Oct

Bright #sunglare likely didn't help > A tragic accident … but was it criminal? http://bit.ly/pjeGWv #trafficsafety 12 Oct

It seems #sunglare a factor once again > Pedestrian killed at Mohawk Raceway entrance http://bit.ly/qIrzCf 12 Oct

Time change on Nov 6 will have effect too > DEP Reminds Motorists To Be Cautious For Deer On Roads http://bit.ly/n5gguR 12 Oct

Is it just me, or is the term #breakingnews overused by TV media? Often neither #breaking nor #news. Attention grabber imho. 12 Oct

#Montreal #police launch #pedestrian #safety campaign. http://bit.ly/nbMp9F 12 Oct

#Sunglare and left turning vehicle play role in another motorcycle fatality. #Wichita http://bit.ly/pnhXVq 12 Oct

OpenFile #Ottawa: Sparks Street with a roof: Why not? http://bit.ly/mZkRBX 11 Oct

Our interview with Times Herald-Record. Judy Rife: A sure sign of autumn: #sunglare when driving. http://bit.ly/qxvG9A #trafficsafety 11 Oct

@ottawastart Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Ottawa 7:12 am and 6:27 pm. Beautiful weekend!! 9 Oct

Driving with sun behind you can be dangerous too! "due to sun glare he thought the light was green when he made a left" http://bit.ly/qTWALZ 9 Oct

Motorcyclist killed in Jamesville crash, truck turned left in front of bike. "May be an issue of sun glare" http://bit.ly/nMP2yd 9 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Muskoka (at #Port #Carling) 7:27 am / 6:43 pm 7 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Georgian #Bay (at #Parry #Sound) 7:29 am / 6:44 pm 7 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Toronto 7:25 am / 6:43 pm 7 Oct

Accident sends motorcyclist to hospital. Sun partly responsible for crash: CFJC TV7 Kamloops http://bit.ly/qR9END #sunglare #trafficsafety 7 Oct

Crash with bus. Rising sun combined with curve in road might have played role, officials said. http://bit.ly/oP06b7 #trafficsafety 7 Oct

Bright sun creates driving danger: WAVT-TV 10 http://bit.ly/ru0qwW #sunglare #trafficsafety 7 Oct

A walk on the risky side: LA Times http://lat.ms/pwPF72 #sunglare #pedestrian #trafficsafety 7 Oct

RT @UrbanLandInst: Solar-Home Competition Now Embraces Urban Needs: http://bit.ly/qDtEyt 6 Oct

@trafficservices AAA Mid-Atlantic reminds drivers of fall hazards http://bit.ly/mWxgrb #trafficsafety #sunglare 6 Oct

Car vs pedestrian leaves woman dead | North Smithfield, R.I. (WPRI) http://bit.ly/orMPaJ #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

RT @Urban_Toronto: When it comes to highrises, Toronto is tops on the continent + other news from the internet http://bit.ly/pSVB0F 5 Oct

RT @StarGTANews: Highrises? We’re tops on the continent http://bit.ly/pGT1Ux #Toronto 5 Oct

#Toronto #Traffic. Be prepared as you curve left toward low sun today esp +/- 5:50 pm WB Gardiner between Parkside and Ellis. 5 Oct

MDOT Offers Tips for Driving in Fall's Sunny Glare http://bit.ly/mPT8Ln #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

Man survives collision with freight train http://bit.ly/pdk1yr #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

@ottawastart Thanks for the favourite. > "FYI #Ottawa Halloween sunset time is 5:52 pm." 4 Oct

RT @Urban_Toronto: 21 Grenville approved at 46 floors. Lifetime wanted 52. OMB time? http://bit.ly/qCcsu0 ^ES 4 Oct

RT @BuzzBuzzHome: New tower gets greenlight on near Yonge, but at six storeys shorter than asked for http://natpo.st/mTf0Rg ..NIMBYism anyone? Awesome location. 4 Oct

@ottawastart FYI #Ottawa Halloween sunset time is 5:52 pm. 4 Oct

@AmberTraffic Sun looked very bright in RESCU cam shot. 4 Oct

Bicyclist blames sun for crash into bus http://bit.ly/qRtRQM #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

As Seasons Change So Must Our Driving Habits | InjuryBoard Harrisburg http://bit.ly/ndbNhA #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

PennDOT Reminds Motorists to be Alert to Fall Driving Hazards http://prn.to/nE1LBu #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Semi-Truck Crash Kills Two Pottawatomie County Deputies on Hwy 39 http://bit.ly/qneVPo #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Bicyclist killed in South Bexar County crash http://bit.ly/pk28iT #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Light Rail-Dump Truck Collision Sends 15 To Hospital http://bit.ly/n5MXMH #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Baghdad #Kabul #KuwaitCity http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Chicago #Denver #Houston #Miami #NYC #SanDiego #SanFrancisco http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Barrie #Halifax #Ottawa #Toronto #Vancouver #Winnipeg http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

NIMBY - nice, in my backyard. RT @Urban_Toronto: Condos by Skyline International coming to Horseshoe http://bit.ly/qcdOfI ^ES 2 Oct

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