Monday, February 13, 2012

Crossing guard struck - sun glare may be a factor

Another crossing guard has been struck by a driver claiming to have been blinded by early morning sun, this time in Cresskill NJ on Friday, Feb 10/12.  I mention this because it seems to be happening all too frequently lately.  In fact, we were retained recently to provide a sun position analysis for a similar case in the UK. 

In connection with the Cresskill incident, we were interviewed by staff at The Record ( as they covered the story, and we provided a few tips for motorists and pedestrians alike as they deal with sun glare.  The article as published in The Record can be found here.

Sun glare, as it relates to pedestrian safety, is a big issue that people need to be much more aware of, and I believe that sun glare accounts for many more accidents than we realize.  Since vehicles cannot stop on a dime, pedestrians need to be just as cautious as drivers.  It's up to you to cross safely and to not assume drivers can see you.

Remember, if the sun is behind you and traffic is coming towards you, you might be able to see the traffic just fine, but the driver coming towards you might not be able to see you.  Pedestrians, please do not assume drivers can see you.

Cheers, Ralph

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