Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random “Sun & Shadow” Items – Jan 2012

The following are random “sun and shade” facts and comments.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition) for the month of January 2012 and some contain links to news articles.

Toronto will reach 10 hrs/day of sunlight on Feb 4. Vancouver has to wait until Feb 13. Miami is almost at 11 already (will be on Feb 2).

Glad to see sun off the ice and out of players' eyes at NHL Winter Classic.

Will sun dip below stadium by Winter Classic revised 3:00 pm start time? If not, lower sun could be more dangerous for players. Anyone know?

Note to @NHL: Sun/shade patterns at the Winter Classic could have been modeled long before today (2 Jan).

Sun causes Winter Classic delay.

Interesting arguments > Get Utah off daylight saving.

Cheers, Ralph

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