Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - Feb 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition) for the month of February 2012 and most contain links to news articles.

Sun glare has been blamed after children struck by car in South Berwick. -

I'd say it was the hood, not the sun ha-ha.  See picture. > CHP: Sun blinds driver, causes 3-car crash in Fullerton CA -

Girl struck after getting off school bus, driver blinded by sun glare reflected from back window of bus -

Ottawa drivers, low sun end Feb w/b 416, Bayshore to Moodie after +/- 5:15 pm.

Toronto drivers, low sun w/b Gardiner, Strachan to Dufferin +/- 5:00 pm end Feb. Visor down, sunglasses on.

Toronto drivers, low sun lines up with w/b streets +/- 5:30 pm end Feb. Visor down, sunglasses on.

Driver, blinded by windshield glare, causes car crash in Brookings SD -

Concern: "sunlight reflecting off the towers could pose a hazard for drivers" > Proposed Fort Lee 47-sty twin towers -

Girl Struck By Truck After Getting Off School Bus in Waco TX -

RT @TheMessenger: There’s nothing bad about a beautiful sunrise, unless you’re driving east.

Van driver describes aftermath of fatal collision to court (From Bucks Free Press) -…

If cause was indeed sun glare, it must have been bad if driver couldn't see stopped school bus and cars behind it -

Car crashes into line of cars stopped behind school bus in Hamilton Township - Atlantic -

London RAF officer killed as he cycled home - Telegraph -

Sun glare is especially dangerous for drivers within an hour of sunrise and sunset.

Didn't see traffic light, sun was low and straight ahead >Man killed in morning accident in Pueblo CO -

Traffic lights can be hard to see in sun glare > Sun Glare May Have Caused Fatal Crash in Pueblo CO – KKTV -

Charges in Calgary pedestrian fatality despite "the sun was located directly behind her... obscuring the driver's view" -

Sadly, another case of left turn and sun glare > Driver charged in death of elderly pedestrian - CBC News Calgary -

Crossing guard struck - sun glare may be a factor.…

Good call. RT @AmberTraffic: Clean windshield, sunglasses... a MUST...very sunny this afternoon!

We were interviewed for this story > Cresskill crossing guard struck, sun glare a possible factor, police say -

Ottawa drivers, beware of setting sun w/b 417 just west of Bronson +/-5:25 pm mid-Feb.

Ottawa drivers, beware of low sun w/b 417 between Moodie & Eagleson mid-Feb +/- 4:15pm.

Visor down, shades on! Low sun w/b Gardiner thru curve near Ellis after +/- 4:30 pm mid-Feb. RT @AmberTraffic: Good SUNNY afternoon!!!!

Contrast between a pedestrian and their background improves their chances of being seen by drivers -

Sun glare may be a factor > Crossing guard hit by eastbound car early morning in Cresskill NJ -

Toronto drivers on w/b Gardiner, be prepared for low sun mid-Feb +/- 4:30 pm as you round curve west of Parkside.

Pedestrians, cyclists focus of Vancouver safety campaign, "People are Fragile" -

Car hits girl trying to board school bus in Kennebunk ME -

Left turning vehicle + sun glare + shadow on crosswalk can be deadly combo.

3 women hit by car in Toronto's west end. @CityNews -

City Sanitation Worker Struck By SUV - CBS Pittsburgh -

Collision in Broken Arrow OK, driver missed seeing red light due to sun glare -

Woman blames accident in Pittsburgh PA on sun glare. Investigators to return to scene tomorrow to recreate incident -

Pedestrian Struck, Sun in Driver’s Eyes May Be Factor -

"@SafeDriver: @SunPosition Thanks for the feedback! Please share with others!" Done.

@SafeDriver Good article. A dirty windshield OR sun glare are bad enough on their own. Combine them, and well...

RT @SafeDriver: Could YOU see through THIS windshield?

Driver with sun in eyes hits woman in Millville NJ while uninvolved woman fakes injuries -

Cheers, Ralph


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