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Sun Glare While Driving - Mar 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition) for the month of March 2012 and many contain links to news articles.

Driver hit and killed RAF officer who served as Queen's aide - but escapes jail as he was 'blinded by the sun' -

Stopped car rear-ended, fiery 3-vehicle crash caused by sun glare, police say -

Multi-vehicle accident in Jamestown. Police: driver ran red unknowingly due to sun glare -

Pedestrian killed in Edmonton. Witness: driver ran red, sun was low -

Motorcyclist hit, pulled out in front of car, authorities believe sun glare played role -

Wrong-way bicyclist killed on Balboa Avenue in San Diego, driver cites sun glare -

NTSB: Lack of fuel, sun glare contribute to fatal accident -

Two separate crashes in Salina early today, drivers report being blinded by sun -

Woman, infant struck from behind by vehicle in Hilton, driver cites sun glare -

Van crashes into parked trailer, police say sun glare to blame -

Aurora firefighter killed riding bike to work, driver didn't see him or traffic light due to sun glare: CBS Denver -

Concern raised in pedestrian/ auto collisions in Las Vegas - podestrians, sun glare, all possibilities

Sun glare cited in fatal Long Island accident -

Another case of pedestrian hit by left-turning car, driver 's vision impaired by sun glare, this time in Jamestown -

Police: Sun glare an issue when man in motorized wheelchair killed by turning truck in Wichita -

Five hurt when truck hits buggy in Lancaster PA, sun glare likely caused the wreck -

2 pedestrian fatalities in Lethbridge 1 hour apart, both involve sun glare and turning vehicles -

Drivers, be extra careful turning while hampered by sun glare > Handicapped man on scooter killed in Wichita -

RT ‏@CityNews: RT @sangita_patel: Drive safe. The Monday after Daylight Saving time, stats show there is an increase in accidents. Bring the umbrella!

After the time change, sunrise and sunset will occur an hour later. Drivers, be prepared for unfamiliar sun conditions week of Mar 12.

Drivers, be careful week of Mar 12 - after time change sun won't be where you were used to it being -

RT ‏@AmberTraffic:  Spring forward your clocks 1 hour before bed. PS- the clock change affects drivers in wacky ways. Careful next week!

Drivers, what to watch for after the time change -

Ottawa commuters, after time change be extra cautious first and last hour of daylight - week of Mar 12 before +/-8:15 am and after 6:10 pm.

Toronto commuters, after time change be extra cautious first and last hour of daylight - week of Mar 12 before +/-8:30 am and after 6:20 pm.

Drivers, be extra cautious after time change - especially during first and last hour of daylight - sun won't be where you were used to it being.

'Spring' your clocks ahead 1 hour at bedtime Saturday Mar 10. Official time change 2 am Sunday Mar 11.

Sun Glare Blamed In Omaha Pedestrian Crash -

Elderly tend to be affected more by sun glare > Blinded by sun, driver runs into parked car in Milwaukie OR -

Not sure how sun glare factored into this one > Pedestrian struck, injured -

Sadly even school buses can be hard to see if sun glare is bad enough, morning crash with school bus in Farmington NY -

Ottawa drivers, beware of low sun week of Mar 5, w/b 417, Bayshore to Moodie, after 4:55 pm.

Bikers, when the sun is at your back, anticipate cars turning left in front of you… especially within an hour of sunrise and sunset -

Bikers must be extra cautious when sun is behind them > Another fatality due to left-turning car, this time in Grand Prairie TX -

Toronto drivers, be prepared for low sun week of Mar 5 w/b Gardiner, Park Lawn to 427, +/- 5:15 pm.

Sun blindness is a hazard for bicyclists this time of year -

"@SafeDriver: Ever made a blind left turn in front of another driver...?" A lot of these crashes involve low sun blinding the left turner.

RT ‏@DRIVESMARTVA: NTSB member says hand-held only ban gives a false sense of security. The issue is in the cognitive distraction that cell phone use causes.

RT @wolftechnical: I uploaded a @YouTube video Multi-vehicle crash

Buses, Bikes and Cars: Keeping Children Safe -

Who's to blame? A special report on pedestrian accidents in Mississauga -

Daylight Time blamed, girl hit by school bus in the dark. This has always been one of the fears of the time change -

Crashes allegedly due to icy road in shade of noise barrier > Bypass back open after numerous accidents in South Bend IN -

Great story about our dedicated police, fire and EMS > Woman trapped in crushed SUV meets her rescuers -

Good control by camera car "@T_Burrows: OMG... Drive carefully never know."

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