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Sun/Shade & Urban Development - Mar 2012

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, specific projects, and sun/shade issues.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition) for the month of March 2012 and most contain links to news articles.

Public in the dark on high-rise plans: Eastern Courier Messenger -

Sydney city railway stations could support massive high-rise developments, inquiry hears -

Community still motivated as dispute over quarry lands wears on in Scarborough -

York Region Article: Richmond Hill high-rise projects panned by residents -

Banks Tighten Condo Lending Amid Bubble Fears -

Exactly why would Guelph want high-rises? -

RT ‏@CityzenGroup: Skyscrapers made out of wood? @MLOrganizer -

Sunlight at stake in Greenway developments. Latest building project stepped-back for more light -

RT ‏@landpolicy: Tools to help cities and towns guide green development -

Condo conundrum in Montreal, high-rises are going where they shouldn’t, affecting life and soul of city -

Don’t block my views: Dalhousie Gazette - Skye Halifax

Las Vegas climate and hot sun beg for innovative designs, especially shade structures -

St. Kilda high-rise halted: Port Phillip Leader -

NIMBYism in High Park? -

Guelph student high-rise off to OMB in April -

Can wooden skyscrapers transform concrete jungles? -

Ashby high-rise developers: 'Good projects always get built' -

Decision reversed to allow 19-storey residential towers on one of largest industrial sites in Sydney NSW -

RT @landpolicy: Street story: how planners mucked up, then attempted to fix, one thoroughfare in Utrecht, Netherlands -

Curious to know how 60 storeys equates to 1,070 feet > Plans revamped for San Francisco's tallest skyscraper -

The newest addition to the Milwaukee skyline, the 30-storey Moderne -

RT ‏@NewHomeBuyers: New High Rise Guidelines coming Soon? -

Chinese company builds 30-storey building in 15 days -

Downtown Kelowna high-rise gets another approval -

Toronto’s Aura tower tallest residential skyscraper in Canada -

Lines drawn on high-rise proposal in Guelph -

RT @NewHomeBuyers: Say goodbye to another above ground parking lot -

Proposed 300-foot Seattle tower bugs neighbors, building would be tallest in First Hill -

RT @mintocondos: A neat little video showing all the green features we stuffed into 30 Roehampton -

Sears departure means unloved Vancouver site could get a facelift -

Concern many neighbouring homes in shadow > Downtown Guelph condo project to be subject of public meeting -

@KnibbDesign Wonder what they would do in the land of the midnight sun?

@KnibbDesign Not sure if the Dubai cleric will buy it, but official times of sunrise and sunset are for an observer at sea level.

That's some shadow. RT @KnibbDesign: For the tallest building in the world, time bends. And check that shadow! -

3 high-rises 57, 42 and 32-storeys > Loretto development in Niagara Falls passes hurdle -

Kelowna council asked to approve one high-rise downtown and reject two others.

RT ‏@NewHomeBuyers: Empire makes a Yorkville Play! -

ANC6B working group delays Washington height issue pending shadow study -

Vancouver speakers oppose Rize high-rise proposal -

Plans to outlaw front garages and boost trees will cost homeowners in Calgary -

RT @‏RaymondBowe: Barrie condo developer in legal hot water. Claim says ‘The West’ builder not paying bills.

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