Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - April 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition) for the month of April 2012 and many contain links to news articles.

Texting while driving plus sun glare, deadly > Third person dies after buggy crash -

Sun to Blame for Truck Crash on 590 - YNN, Your News Now -

‏RT @ReconGeni: Hi! Anyone have an opinion: Can you "explain the high number of traffic #collisions in the past few days? The weather has been decent."
@ReconGeni: Is there a pattern in terms of time of day and travel direction?
‏@ReconGeni: @SunPosition Yes, they are factors. I've noted collisions involving visibility issues re: sunrise/sunset angles & veh direction
@ReconGeni: Interesting. Plus, cool temps and low humidity add to sun glare intensity near sunrise/sunset.

Sudbury OPP: People let their guard down in nice weather, sun may be factor in Hwy 17 fatality near Markstay -

Therefore, not accidents. "@CP24: Alcohol cited as a factor in two GTA accidents -"

Buckle up! Don't be a deadly projectile to others in your car. RT @OPP_News: OPP LAUNCHING SEATBELT CAMPAIGN -

Pedestrian struck in crosswalk in Fall River. Police: Sun glare was an issue -

Just because a driver has passed the required vision test may not mean he or she is safe to drive -

Carleton University engineering students develop bicycle crash-test dummy -

Distracted driving video "The Last Text" -

Distracted driving is deadly driving -

This poor guy did the right thing reaching for his sun visor, but car leaves road and crashes -

Utah teen killed in crosswalk, driver had trouble seeing because of glare from setting sun -

Ottawa researchers at Carleton and Algonquin make crash test dummy for bikes -

Thanks "@ReconGeni: Pls consider #FF @PC99900 @YoungDrivers @youthinpolicing @CarletonSafety @IJOSM @SunPosition @SusanFisherD23"

RT ‏@ReconGeni: Great tip @SafetyGearNews MT: when jogging/cycling at sunrise/sunset wear bright clothing: wear NEON! Dark clothing hard 2c in blinding sun

You too. Looking forward to following your posts. "@ReconGeni: @SunPosition Thanks for following back. Have a good night."

Sun possible factor in deadly crash near Brownfield - Police: Morning sun for e/b traffic can blind you quickly -

Bobby Petrino returns to Arkansas practice after motorcycle crash. Recalls concern about sun in eyes -

Driver in Fatal Bicycle Accident Said Sun's Glare Played a Factor -

SUV crashes into parked school bus in Mission Valley, police say glare from sun impaired driver's vision -

Pedestrian hit & killed trying to catch bus in Mesa, driver’s vision possibly obscured by sun -

Driver blinded by sun, police investigate car v. school bus crash -

Sun behind you can be problem too, car crash with school bus due to sun in rear-view mirror -

Police advising drivers of visibility problems caused by sun after 2 crashes with school buses in 2 days -

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