Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - May 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

23x more likely to be in traffic accident if you text while driving. Eyes on road, not your phone - 

Well, sunny day may have had something to do with it > How did two planes collide on sunny day? - 

Temporary blinding by reflected sun glare, not direct sunlight, could have led to fatal crash in UK - 

Pedestrians, make sure drivers can see you before you cross, especially if drivers are fighting sun glare - 

Shaded section of road remains damp > Warning of A18's hidden dangers after fatal collision on notorious stretch - 

Hey drivers, follow the rules — but don’t be too darned nice: The Chronicle Herald - 

Watch for construction material and equipment on roads. Another crash involving sun glare - 

Sun glare prevented driver from seeing pile of gravel on road > School Bus Hits House - 

4 kids hurt after Buffalo school bus crash. Spokeswoman: Driver may have been blinded by the sun - 

Interesting. Sun glare is referred to as "sun strike" in certain parts of the world - 

School bus strikes two teens near Mount Olive High; police blame glare - @dailyrecord - 

Police: Glare from setting sun may have contributed. Pedestrian injured in SE collision - CTV Calgary -

Windshield condensation and sun glare combine to cause car to ram school bus in Flagler, Florida - @FlaglerLive - 

It's amazing how many sun-glare-related car crashes occur during left and right turns. 

Tulsa Police: Driver Blames Sun For Crash On 46th Street North - 

Police: Sun glare blamed in school bus crash that injured 2 teens in Mount Olive - @dailyrecord - 

Reporter experiences ‘removing the car from around the person’ - Chicago Sun Times - 

EMTs warn about the dangers of impaired driving - Edmonton Sun - 

National Road Safety Week - If your car's shadow stretches toward a pedestrian, assume they cannot see you. 

Early morning sun glare main factor > No charges will be filed in death of Marysville 9-year-old - 

RT @OPP_News: Police Week in Ontario: May 13 - 19, 2012 Leading the Way to a Safer Tomorrow 

RT @OPP_News: Ontario Provincial Police supports Canada Road Safety Week 

Drivers, beware of sun glare esp within an hr of sunrise/set > Bicyclist dies after being hit by car - 

Better know facts b4 claiming sun in eyes > Trial: Driver 'had enough distance to stop before crushing car' - 

Good point. "@SafeDriver: Beautiful day outside...with all this sun, do you have fashion sense or common sense?" 

Another traffic collision involving a left turn and sun glare - Springfield Sun - 

Sun glare blamed > Parents want sheriff's deputy held responsible for son's death - 

Tragic, but no charges laid as sun glare blamed > Family of child killed in 2011 sues East Palo Alto - 

Seriously?? > Driver admits to crashing into Slidell city court; blames the sun (video) - 

How can one drive into the back of a stopped school bus?? > Fatal crash investigation continues - 

Older drivers more vulnerable when making left turns -
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