Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - July 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/SunPosition or @SunPosition).

What to do about protecting distracted pedestrians - http://bit.ly/SWnYYw

Hmmm, 104 in a 60 > Speeding driver cleared in fatal crash in Winnipeg - http://bit.ly/MEak7W

Edmonton Police moving more officers to “woefully undermanned” traffic section - http://bit.ly/NxjB49

RT @ReconGeni :"Red light means stop!" http://bit.ly/O3wrGi Excellent video showcasing dynamics of crash due to red-light runner

Wow. 2 peds hit, witnesses say driver taking solar eclipse pics, driver blames sun glare - http://bit.ly/NwFYXi  

Don't pic and drive! 2 peds hit, witnesses say driver taking solar eclipse pics - http://bit.ly/NwFYXi  

When the sun is low, police advise, "Check- then check again for oncoming traffic" - http://bit.ly/N9FWpx

How does sun glare contribute to traffic collisions involving vehicles, pedestrians, etc..? - http://bit.ly/O2nQ5f

'Sun Glare While Driving' blog articles - June 2012 - http://bit.ly/O2nQ5f

Low sun blamed > Jury clears man over fatal road crash near West Keal - http://bit.ly/Ng9SxE

Reminder to drivers, if sun in your eyes be extra careful > Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Redlands Sunday - http://bit.ly/Ng90cp

Woman struck by cab in city’s north end - @CityNews Toronto

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