Sunday, September 2, 2012

Miscellaneous Tweets - August 2012

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).
Neil Armstrong laid to rest today, Aug 31, and it was a blue moon. How appropriate. Wow.
MT @lives2talk: Good idea not to be last on plane @cityfrancis Last person kicked off; plane overweight
> @lives2talk Really bad if you're first on.
> @lives2talk I meant, it's not good if you're first onboard and then plane is overweight :)
Beautiful half (mast) moon tonight, Aug 25. Remembering Neil Armstrong.
RT ‏@blissblogs: Every time I look thru my telescope, I wonder what it was like...Neil Armstrong led the way -
Being deemed creates responsibility. RT @sunmedicgirl: Do you think being deemed an expert creates an inherent bias in your opinion?
An expert has to be aware of who his/her audience is. Speak their language.
Expert? Someone from out of town :)
I always understood an expert to be someone accepted by the courts as an expert in a certain field.
@pmharper Nice to see you had input in the Murdoch Mysteries episode about the history of hockey. Nice personal touch.
@RickyRo24 Thanks for the LilRickyRo bobblehead today. Made our day.
@SafeDriver Motorist on one-way street to John Candy: "You're going the wrong way!" John Candy: "How do they know where we're going?" (Or was that Steve Martin?)
> RT @SafeDriver: @SunPosition Pretty funny Ralph! Thanks for sharing!
> Better hope u can keep up with it. RT @Curt1sPartr1dge:@SunPosition @Bouey13 check out Ottawa Police's new cruiser!
Yes, patience and empathy. MT @T_Burrows: seeing thru the others' eyes can be an eye opener.
Well said. RT @KJjournalist: say what you want internally and what your momma wouldn't smack you for outwardly.
@T_Burrows Might be hard to respect in that situation. Key is not to show it.
@Org9 Agreed, I've seen some brutal tweets from on the scene reporters that were later deleted. Heat of the moment I guess.
Does having a personal account suddenly get you off the hook for inappropriate comments online? I think not.
RT ‏@kristenjrose: @TPSChrisBoddy To expand on that, I'd say for any profession, anything you do online-personal or not-reflects on your organization
People are people regardless of profession. Inappropriate comments are inappropriate regardless of who makes them.
RT ‏@Media371: Two County of Renfrew paramedics and a student transported to hospital after a crash enroute to an emergency call this morning in Pembroke.
Good one ha-ha. "@jentraplin: Hey, it's the guys who sing the CSI theme song! - Yes I know it’s The Who"
@mattybing Olympics closing is great. But I can see why Prince Harry is there on behalf of the Queen ha-ha.
@jncoolc Don't be sorry, be proud for running the 3rd fastest time in the world, period! Canada is proud of you and the team.
RT ‏@ottawasuncom: Ottawa police are investigating a rise in arranged car thefts ...organized crime is behind the trend -
> @ottawasuncom Ironic that staged thefts and crashes get paid out while legit claims are often stalled or refused.
RT ‏@PiyayLanmou: «Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced»
Awesome to see personal bests achieved at Olympics. Too much emphasis on medals, which are great, but secondary IMHO.
The Wilderness of Manitoba makes Toronto Star's Anti-Hit List for 2nd time - @wildofmanitoba
RT ‏@shawnclarke: Happened to get a sneak peak of the new @wildofmanitoba album, and wow. You're all in for a treat when this thing hits the streets.
That Rona Olympics commercial is great.
Simon Whitfield lashes out at Paula Findlay's coaches, support staff - Yahoo Sports -
Congrats to @cochraneryan for swimming a personal best and for winning silver for Canada.
Congrats @RosieMacLennan. First CAN gold at London2012 Olympics. Awesome to hear our anthem!
RT ‏@tvgurl: Finally get to hear our National Anthem! What a sweet sound! Thanks @rosiemaclennan!!
RT ‏@T_Burrows: "I was fourth going in and I knew I had nothing to lose so I gave it my all and left it all out there." @RosieMacLennan Champ Attitude!
Former Ornge chair Beltzner: "I am a detail guy." Wow, if he hadn't been in charge, imagine the mess we'd be in. cc@frankkleesmpp

Cheers, Ralph

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