Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Tweets - September 2012

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).
Cool. Scene in Sep 27 episode of Flashpoint was shot at Georgian Downs race track near Barrie.
Had honour of sharing table with Paul Henderson at charity dinner 20+ yrs ago. What a classy and funny guy!
Paul Henderson humour: Many hockey players are remembered for long successful careers but I'm remembered for one shift.
Hear 'The Wilderness of Manitoba' on @PeterMansbridge 's playlist from the north - @CBC_Music @GrantLawrence
‏RT @CBCTheNational We teamed up with @CBC_Music and @GrantLawrence to bring you @PeterMansbridge 's playlist from the north! -
Exchange is good idea b/c in order to understand where a person is coming from, you need to know where they've been.
RT ‏@K4M4: @SunPosition Although it may not be practical with some countries. Instead, make contacts with ethnic associations.
> RT ‏@Vidocq_CC: @K4M4 @SunPosition Good point
@K4M4 Good idea.
‏> RT @K4M4: @SunPosition I like the overall exchange idea. Learn about different police methods and cultures in friendly countries.
> RT @Vidocq_CC: @SunPosition It allows you to be proactive instead of only reactive @christammiller
The more context the better no?- video plus audio.
> How can you properly interpret video that starts after a situation has begun? Not fair in many cases.
> True. RT @Versalytics: @SunPosition Maybe an "always on" live stream would be a solution.
> Not nec. RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition If video has audio it's pretty much easy to figure out what happened prior to engaging video!
RT ‏@CBC_Music +1 RT @sujo_dree if you haven't yet taken opportunity to stream the new Wilderness of Manitoba album, you should NOW -
RT @LanaGay Stream The Wilderness of Manitoba's new album Island of Echoes - @cbc_music
This could be one of my fav albums of all time - and I've been around for a few years :). - via @cbc_music
‏@CityNews Former Cabinet minister Bev Oda charged taxpayers for smoking fine -
> Must have been a bad oda in the room. RT @CityNews Former Cabinet minister Bev Oda charged taxpayers for smoking fine -
Got all excited when I heard there are great star gazing days ahead. Thought they were talking about the night sky. (But it was TIFF.)

Cheers, Ralph

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