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Sun Glare While Driving - September 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

Toronto drivers, anticipate low sun 1st week Oct straight ahead on WB streets +/- 5:50 pm. @trafficservices
Tx RT @R_Hemingway: Tyre Industry Daily Roundup is out - - Top stories today via @SunPosition @kogdsigdsf @BenfleetFeed
If you're not sure traffic light is red or green b/c of sun glare, slow down, make sure! -
How is traction when wet? RT @Decopavement: Innovative crosswalks designed for pedestrian safety -
Distracted walking kills. @TorontoPolice launch pedestrian safety blitz -
> @RobCairns Hey Rob. Thanks for the RT.
‏> @RobCairns: @SunPosition yw my pleasure
Police: morning sun could have blinded driver, child waiting for school bus killed by truck -
> RT ‏@lives2talk: @SunPosition Tragic! Always always keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle. Sun glare can be a killer!
> @lives2talk Keep in mind tho that sunglasses reduce good light along with bad i.e. harder to see objects in shadows.
‏>RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition Hmm! what is best way to deal w/sun glare. I wear Transitions but useless against sun glare. Thank goodness for car's sun visors
> @lives2talk Polarized are best. Sun visors are great but can be useless for short drivers or at really low sun angles.
Traffic lights can be hard to see in sun glare > Dump Truck Crash Sends Woman To Hospital -
> ‏RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition As seasons change so do traffic cond'ns. Sun glare is probably 1 of most overlooked by drivers.
> @lives2talk With cooler clearer weather sun glare becomes more intense. Esp dangerous for drivers early and late in the day.
‏> RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition It's blinding! Turning from a north/south rd to eastbound direction is a sun glare shocker - my bad; forgot to put on sunglasses
> @lives2talk A lot of pedestrian collisions happen this way. Also when turning w/b in afternoon.
Currently working on similar case > Sun may have obscured boater's vision in crash -
School buses out at dangerous time of day. Can't believe number of crashes involving sun glare -
Pedestrian death review recommends lowering speed limits: @TheTorontoSun -
Police: Combo use of cell phone and sun glare caused accident - - Luckily no passenger.
Tulsa Police: Bright Sun, Illegally Parked Car Equal Rear-End Crash -
Police: Early morning sun glare, dirty window cause of Aurelius accident -
Dangerous combo, sun glare + fogged up windshield. Make sure windows clear before driving.
RT ‏@oliviachow: Ontario’s coroner to release report on how we can prevent and reduce pedestrian fatalities -
Equinox driving: Kids walk to school this time of year during worst time of day for sun glare. Drivers pls take note.
Girl hit by car while walking to bus stop, driver says she was blinded by sun -
Keep your distance, esp in poor visibility > Police: Sun in eyes caused crash in Shaftsbury - /
SUV rear-ends school bus in Solon Springs WI, driver blames sun glare -
RT ‏@WDBOtraffic: And more new followers, welcome! @OrlandoStreets & @SunPosition! Thanks for following us for the latest Orlando traffic updates!
Pedestrian hit, police said setting sun was factor. Alcohol didn't help either -
School bus hit 2 cars involved in rear-end collision in Morristown TN. Sun glare suspected -
Hard to believe how many collisions with school buses caused by sun glare. Another example -
RT ‏@SgtJackWest: Cyclists remember to stop for red lights. #1 cause of fatal collisions.
Sun glare can obscure traffic lights. Police believe that played role as car t-bones school bus -
RT @WDBOtraffic: EB may get slow thru John Young Pkwy due to sun glare with the morning sunrise. Volume is light right now.
> Interesting, @WDBOtraffic reports traffic delays due to sun glare.
‏> RT @WDBOtraffic: @SunPosition What's even more strange is that it sometimes happens WB at the Fairbanks Curve in the morning. Also on the 408.
> @WDBOtraffic Could it be drivers are slowing down b/c brake lights ahead are being washed out by sun glare?
‏> RT @WDBOtraffic: @SunPosition It's actually a combo of things. Betwn the heavy volume entering I-4 EB (JYP) & the bright sunrise, the slowdown kicks in...
‏> RT @WDBOtraffic: @SunPosition As far as WB near Fairbanks Curve, it's not as bad of a slowdown, but enough for drivers to drop below the speed limit.
> @WDBOtraffic Ya, it looks like EB I-4 traffic turns directly toward sun. The glare likely eases after fall equinox right?
> RT @WDBOtraffic: @SunPosition It's true! Around Spring & Fall seasons, I-4 at John Young Pkwy will jam up b/c drivers get blinded in the curve.
RT ‏@stephaniemegan4: Contrary to popular belief, driving into the sunset isn't actually that nice.
Pedestrian dies after hit by truck in Cody WY, low sun made it difficult to see: police -
Anticipate bad moves by others. Car turns left into path of motorcycle due to sun glare -
Edmonton driver blinded by sun. Deputy premier testifies in fatal pedestrian collision -
Getting into time of yr when sun rises & sets along E-W roads. Extra care needed -
School buses are out when sun glare conditions are often worst - Car Crashes into School Bus
‏> RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition Glare is terrible! While waiting 4 line of cars to pass, lady put car in park! Then backed into me - lady disoriented by glare
> @lives2talk Sorry to hear that. As weather cools and becomes less humid, sun glare will become even more intense.
RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition Also, sunglasses should be included in drivers' driving kit, year round. I always keep pair in my vehicle!
> @lives2talk Agreed. Sunglasses should not only be in your car, they should be within easy reach. Polarized!!
Be safe on way back to school. Don't assume drivers can see you, esp in early morning sun -
Sun Glare While Driving - Photo Examples - - Pls watch for kids and buses on roads again.
Southern Ontario drivers pls watch for kids and school buses esp e/b until 0815 a.m. or so. Low sun can make it hard to see.

Cheers, Ralph

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