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Miscellaneous Tweets - October 2012

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

Haunting. "Frozen in October sun comes November" from November by The Wilderness of Manitoba -

So glad to hear! Thanks for coming! RT @sunposition: @christammiller Thanks for hosting. That was a fun hour+. #copchat

@christammiller Thanks for hosting. That was a fun hour+. #copchat

Hmmm good point MT @sunposition: I find it too easy to miss tweets, therefore, wouldn't count on it for PSAs. #copchat

@christammiller @sunposition Many apps push notifications. Info can be based on location (i.e., Toronto). #copchat

@K4M4 @christammiller Do you have app examples? #copchat

@SunPosition @christammiller Crimestoppers app pushed some emergency alerts to my phone. @RedCross, too. Couldn't miss them. #copchat

K4M4 @christammiller @RedCross Thanks, I'll check those apps out. #copchat

There's a lot of doom n gloom out there. I want to see PSAs with humor & a msg. #copchat

@Tim__Oliver Agreed, humour is good. But there are some great but shocking distracted driving videos out there. #copchat

@SunPosition A good balance of both approaches works. Too much of one angle loses the audience after awhile. #copchat

Soon we'll be tempted to "tell people" to put their snow tires on...I'd rather see some skid tests, I tune the other PSAs out... #copchat

jhagarty when police tweet safety tips that R about things 'i haven't thought about' i RT. I don't have time to watch a video #copchat

.@daniela_aum brings up a great point - some ppl don't like/have time for various forms of content, how do you take all into acct? #copchat

@christammiller with SM there is no magic button, its several little things in combination that packs a punch #copchat

@daniela_aum @christammiller Content can be similar but it's how you present it #copchat

@kelsiefraser @daniela_aum @christammiller I find it too easy to miss tweets, therefore, wouldn't count on it for PSAs. #copchat

Re the winter tire example and cross marketing, challenge for us is as a public org we can't promote a private company... #copchat

@jhagarty Maybe get the private company to do it for you. Double whammy, they get the ad, you get the PSA out. #copchat

@SunPosition @jhagarty solutions everywhere! #copchat

Got mine on today. MT @daniela_aum: @christammiller @jhagarty ...hey, its snow tire time! #copchat

Ya RT @Professorsan:@SunPosition @xxHazzardousxx The best thing is it's user choice, not intrusive, but immediate and informative. #copchat

Barrie Police administers an email -based Community Alert Network that citizens can sign up for. #copchat

@SunPosition I like that idea. Maybe with application to cell phones it could reach its intended audience sooner? #CopChat

@xxHazzardousxx @SunPosition U.S.-based law-enforcement agencies have that option with Nixle, don't they? #copchat

@kelsiefraser Sorry, not familiar with Nixie. #copchat @xxHazzardousxx

@SunPosition @xxHazzardousxx I'm not either, but it was talked about at conference in June. Sometimes US ppl join us in #copchat

@kelsiefraser @SunPosition @xxHazzardousxx nixle.comI'm reading up on it. Comes in app form, too. SMS alerts. #copchat

@xxHazzardousxx #copchat Agreed, email to cell phones would be quick.

@SunPosition @xxHazzardousxx The best thing is it's user choice, so not intrusive, but immediate and informative. #copchat

@SunPosition I keep my phone with me wherever I go, and so do most people in my age group

Q1: What's the best way for a #police agency to get a PSA across to a social media audience so it will pay attention? #copchat

@christammiller A1 - Altho email isn't exactly SM, signing up for PSAs by email does the trick (Halloween pun). #copchat

@sunposition Interesting! I haven't heard of many PDs using email for PSAs, how frequently do you send them? #copchat

@christammiller I'd be on the receiving end btw. @torontopolice had an email alert system in place. Not sure if still working.

Hey #copchat folks, @T_Burrows sends his regrets for tonight but I'm still in. Who's with me?

@christammiller Finished handing out treats. What's the topic? #copchat

No kidding. RT @CaffeinatedCop: Most misleading post of 2012 goes to: "@YourAnonNews: #WhyIFTP: Officer Shoots ...

The Wilderness of Manitoba blends modern sound of #Mumford&Sons and #FleetFoxes with classic sound of #CSNY and #FleetwoodMac

It sure was! RT @Killbeat: It was a magical show. RT @melodylamb The Wilderness of Manitoba @ Trinity St. Paul's!

Encore was Joni Mitchell's Help Me, not Wham!’s Freedom RT @tianafeng: The Wilderness of Manitoba @ Trinity St. Paul's

@SunPosition thanks! I'll fix it in a bit haha I was trying to remember

@tianafeng No problem, you're welcome.

They were amazing. RT @AllanM88: Seeing the Wilderness of Manitoba who are really very good. (w/ @kinger13)

Constant touring sparks a new direction for The Wilderness of Manitoba records at Revolution for 1st studio album

Retweeted by Ralph Bouwmeester

MT @Matt_Raymondd: This Wilderness of Manitoba album has got to be one of the best albums of the year. Check out #Islandofechoes

NOW Magazine: The Wilderness of Manitoba - They remind me of #CSNY and #FleetwoodMac

Transcript from last nights #copchat. Proof is in the writing who was trying and who was trolling @hashtracking

@T_Burrows Wow, that was a busy one last night. #copchat

@SunPosition It sure was!

Priceless MT @armdog: @ryderfm: Seattle doesn't deserve the Oilers... this proves that. #nhl

A radio friend calls it 'negative broadcasting'. RT @ChiefTomAlber: @T_Burrows Feel good stories don't sell airtime or newspaers! #Copchat

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." - Peter Drucker #copchat

@jhagarty #copchat Ever wonder why God gave us 2 ears yet only one mouth?

Obviously, #copchat will be a little tougher to follow tonight. So, you might want to open a search on my ID and I'll try to RT the good.

@T_Burrows #copchat Funny how some ppl think pressing RT button equals conversation or discussion. Hmmm.

Looks like #copchat is catching on @T_Burrows RT @newstalkradio: NEWS: Police Chief hosts second Twitter chat

@CityJimJunkin Welcome back!. Glad to see you've returned safely from your motorhome trip. How long ago was that?

Astronomers discover a planet twice the size of Earth made largely of diamond. #science

Retweeted by Ralph Bouwmeester

Congrats RT @T_Burrows My book for Twitter & police/law enforcement went #1 tonight! & I have to say THANK YOU #COPCHAT

Congrats Tim. MT @T_Burrows: My book for Twitter and police / law enforcement went #1 tonight!! THANK YOU...

@ReconGeni Any idea how many missing persons have been found in Toronto via SM? #copchat

@SunPosition I don't know the exact number, but Facebook is a great tool for that @t_burrows @sgtchrisboddy #copchat

Q1) 911 or Social Media or bith in a disaster or emergency event? #copchat

@T_Burrows#copchat 9-1-1 to report it and SM to provide status updates

@T_Burrows #copchat Can 911 issue pre-recorded msg if system is down - to direct ppl to SM?

Agreed. MT @K4M4: SM is great for getting out info, as Red Cross demonstrated. 911 calls should go thru phones. @T_Burrows #copchat

RT @FJDomizio: I agree 911 coming in and SM going out RT @SunPosition: @T_Burrows 911 to report it and SM to provide status updates #copchat

Q1) 911 or Social Media or bith in a disaster or emergency event? #copchat

@T_Burrows #copchat 9-1-1 to report it and SM to provide status updates

@SunPosition @T_Burrows That is key but does it stretch the police a little too thin? #copchat

@lives2talk @SunPosition In an emergency or disaster all first responders are stretched too thin. #copchat

@SunPosition @T_Burrows If 2003 blackout happened now, would SM have been available? #copchat

@lives2talk #copchat Good question. Does 3G/4G on cell phones work in blackouts?

@T_Burrows @SunPosition Blackout 2003 - constructions crews jumped into action & directed traffic at major intersections #copchat

You got our attention. What's up? RT @T_Burrows: Who is up for the big announcement?? #copchat

@T_Burrows Thought you'd be interested in this article, heck, you probably helped write it -

Cheers, Ralph

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