Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - October 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).


Parents of kids delivering papers or fliers after dark, pls have them wear reflective or bright clothes. #pedsafety #roadsafety

RT @CitrinLaw: Halloween deadliest night for young children with high rates of child pedestrian fatalities.

During low sun conditions, drivers, pls be extra careful, and pedestrians, pls be aware drivers may not see you. #sunglare #pedsafety

#Calgary Police: Driver may have not seen ped due to low sun at time of collision - #sunglare #roadsafety

#Torontohenge awesome to look at, except when you're driving. Drivers pls be careful in #Toronto tonight around 6:18 pm.

Is it just me, or do a disproportionate number of #sunglare related collisions involve drivers under 25? #roadsafety #trafficsafety

It's possible driver turned towards sun just prior to collision with peds - #roadsafety

Ok, so what are the safety implications of this bicycle? MT: “@BicyclingUpdate Munchkin-Hauling Electric Bikes

@ReconGeni Looks pretty safe for the parent, shielded by her kids front and back lol.

Dear Ottawa drivers, that truck trying to get through traffic with lights and siren blaring is called an ambulance, pls act accordingly!!!!

Retweeted by Ralph Bouwmeester

#Sunglare + following too close > Monroe woman injured in three-car accident - #roadsafety

Keep your distance, esp during periods of #sunglare > Chain reaction crash sends three to hospital -

Two phys ed teachers hit by car in high school driveway. Police suspect #sunglare interfered with driver -

Sun glare blamed in morning crash -

Blinding Crash Stops Traffic - #roadsafety

If you suddenly can't see, you can't see > Driver Cited in Pedestrian Accident - #roadsafety

Coroner: "clear evidence" low setting sun impacted driver's judgment before crash that killed boy -

@SunPosition It seems like a no-win seasonal occurrence Sunglasses aren't the answer so please remind us best way to handle it

@lives2talk Anticipate! Sunglasses (polarized) are very important. Keep visor clear of clutter. Keep windshield clean. #roadsafety

Distraction blamed for fatal crash -

Setting sun may have played role in pedestrian being hit in #Calgary - #roadsafety

Equinox means more problems for commuters - #roadsafety

Add #sunglare and you see zero. MT @SafeDriver: Driving in morning with dew across your windows is a "dew not". #roadsafety

Speeding traffic and glaring sun putting children’s lives in danger - #Ireland #sunglare #roadsafety

Seasonal sun position could make your drive to and from work dangerous -

Cheers, Ralph

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