Friday, December 7, 2012

Miscellaneous Tweets - November 2012

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

'Echoes' by The Wilderness of Manitoba debuted at No. 18 on CBC Radio 2 Top 20 for Nov 23 - 

Agree 100%. RT @karlbaldauf: Everyone should listen to The Wilderness of Manitoba because they are super lovely fantastic.

This looks pretty annoying.  See video of wind turbine shadow flicker

Family held hostage by turbine flicker in their own home. Saturday November 10th- 12. Getting ready to celebrate their daughters birthday with family and friends. Attached is a video, sent to the Scituate Board of Health, of the strobe like flicker that started at 1:18pm, in every room of their home as well as the front and back yards. There is no where for the children and guests to go that isn't flickering. The flicker stopped at 2:28 pm only because the turbine shut down… 

So, if the time on your computer differs from your clocks tomorrow, you likely forgot to turn the clocks back. 

Right. RT @dsn2012: @AdamStilesCITY clocks go back this Saturday night for Sunday Morning right? **

Turn back clocks 1 hr before bed Sat night Nov 3. At least the mornings won't be so dark anymore!

Cheers, Ralph

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