Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sun Glare While Driving – May 2013

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).


2013-05-27      Reminder for motorists to drive according to conditions, especially when influenced by sun glare -

2013-05-24      Gasoline and alcohol don't mix. Ruins your engine - and tastes awful.

2013-05-21      Holiday weekend traffic: Hard to focus on stop and go traffic ahead while keeping an eye on tailgater behind me.

2013-05-21      Holiday weekend traffic: Signalling lane changes seemed optional for a lot of drivers this weekend.

2013-05-21      Sun was setting and visibility might not have been great. Inquest into plane, chopper collision -

2013-05-09      Drivers, keep sunglasses in your vehicle and keep windows clean, inside and out > Sun glare blamed in crash -

2013-05-07      Cyclists and peds, when your shadow points toward an oncoming vehicle, pls assume the driver can't see you.

2013-05-07      Cyclists and peds, pls be aware when drivers are fighting sun glare.

2013-05-06      Edmonton cyclist dies after being hit by left-turning truck. Sun glare suspected factor -

2013-05-01      Oh, and here's my other interest, the role that sun glare plays in traffic accidents...

Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk: What about the impact of tall shiny towers on re-directing sun glare?

RB:  Funny you should ask... I've been involved in those as well.

Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk: That's why nervous driving near glass towers not in concrete jungle. Wonder if architects take reflected sun into consideration

RB:  Have dealt with that on several projects.

Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk: Do you have to get architects to alter the plans or are you poste accident?

RB:  I have worked with architects at the building design stage and with investigators post-accident.

Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk: Are accidents of reflected sunglare off of bldgs the fault of driver or the bldg's owner?

RB:  That would be one for the courts to decide. Likely just an accident, but if there's a history with the building, who knows.

Cheers, Ralph

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