Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sun/Shade & Urban Development – July 2013

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, specific projects, and sun/shade issues.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).


7/31/13      Construction Delayed on Changsha’s Sky City Tower -

7/24/13      New $400 million high-rise by developer Westbank and Allied Properties REIT reaches for sky in Calgary -

7/24/13      Canary Wharf Group has joined race to build new generation of residential high-rise towers in London Docklands -

7/23/13      A peek at the unparalleled views offered at Aura, Toronto’s tallest condo tower -

7/19/13      Revised Plan for Taller Midtown Fails to Assuage Critics -

7/18/13      I guess height is relative > Four-Storey Proposal Fought by Oakville Locals -

7/18/13      Howard Hughes Corporation has permission to begin building the first of possibly 22 high-rises in Honolulu -

7/16/13      Toronto Condo Market in Goldilocks Phase -

7/11/13      Market News: It’s a fickle spring thing -

7/15/13      Is Downtown LA's Low-Rise Building Spree Hurting the Community? -

                  Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk:  @SunPosition Bldg in picture is rather ugly but I do see benefit of low rise apt bldgs

7/10/13      Shadowing concerns - Christchurch warehouse is 'ruining our lives' say neighbours -

7/10/13      Green, living, garden walls on high-rises in Melbourne -

7/07/13      Skinny towers and high density means tower height. Looking beyond those high-rise towers -

7/07/13      The architect has a point > Santa Monica Must Outline Non-Negotiable Community Benefits To Developers -

7/05/13      Designing High Rise Buildings Through 'Solar Carving' - reflect rather than block sunlight down to street level -

7/03/13      Owners ready to fight development - cite shadow concerns -

7/02/13      Twin tower complex, 30- and 22-storeys, coming to Kelowna -


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