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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – August 2013

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

If you live west of where you work, your commute is into the sun both ways. Why then so many major suburbs to the west?
Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  A> Driving has only been a short part of our existence B> traditionally people live west of work/industry (upwind of pollution)
Leigh Buchan @lives2talk:  I have always wondered that myself!
RB:  @shawnmicallef provided a great answer. RT @lives2talk: @SunPosition I have always wondered that myself!
RB:  @shawnmicallef Thanks Shawn. That certainly sounds reasonable but cars have been around a lot longer than Mississauga as we know it today.
Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  True - though the anchors - Port Credit, Cooksville, Streetsville, pre-date the car
RB:  @shawnmicallef  Wouldn’t those folks have worked in those anchors? i.e. no commute to TO?
Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  Yeah I think so - but I should add, *wealthier* neighbourhoods tend to go west, while poor go to polluted east. Eastenders.
Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  These are just broad trends of course - many exceptions….
RB:  @shawnmicallef  Interesting points. Great insight.
Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  just things picked up along the way - was pointed out to me once and it kind of made sense...
RB:  @shawnmicallef  You'll love this 1910 New York Times article. "Man loves to face the sun" and travel home toward it.

The sun drops toward the equator about 0.36 degrees/day right now. In late June it took 10 days to drop that much.

Peak UV times this long weekend - Toronto 1:17 pm, Ottawa 1:03 pm, Vancouver 1:12 pm

Notice how much the sun is dropping these days? As much in one day now as it did in 10 days in late June.

A ""shadow flicker"" from a CAW wind turbine is upsetting residents in Port Elgin
Port Elgin, ON - The CAW turbine is causing what is known as "shadow flicker" in some nearby homes, even though the CAW said they had computer programs that would prevent such an occurrence.
The information comes from Saugeen Shores Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau who says he's received a couple of videos via e-mail from a family living on Stickel Street in south Port Elgin.
Charbonneau told a recent Committee of the Whole meeting that he's really irritated by the shadow flicker stories because council and the Ontario Municipal Board were told that no shadow flicker would occur off the CAW's property.

Wind turbine shadow flicker issue > Scituate turbine tests prove controversial
Scituate, MA -  Testing to analyze the amount of shadow flicker created by Scituate wind turbine began this month, but neighbors complain that the tests are taking place at the wrong time of the year.
Shadow flicker refers to the strobe-like effect that comes from the turbine’s blades as they move into the sun’s path.
Although neighbors have long protested to include an analysis of the turbine’s shadow flicker into an overall study of the machine, they say there isn't much to see right now.
“The period at which those most impacted by shadow flicker on the South Coast of Massachusetts is between October and March,” said Tom Thompson, Executive Director for a neighborhood fighting against the location of the Scituate turbine. “Anyone that’s looking to commission a shadow study prior to that that knows those are not the peak periods. [To do one now] is not an accurate analysis.”

Annoying, 3 hrs/day > Shadow Flicker Study: Lawyer’s email to Scituate Director of Public Works
Copy of email -

RB:  Reminder: Torontohenge tomorrow at sunrise Aug 23/13 6:31 a.m.  Hope for clear weather.
RB:  @shawnmicallef That's why I was hoping YOU would take pictures lol.

@CityNatasha @AdamStilesCITY What do you think? Will it be clear for Torontohenge Aug 23/13 6:31 a.m.?

Reminder for Toronto photo buffs: Torontohenge Aug 23/13 6:31 a.m.  Hope for clear weather.

Nice! Get ready for Torontohenge on 23rd. RT @SkyJacked793: Shooting at the sun from Carnaby this morning

@tpr2 Thought you'd like this > "Lake of Fire": I took this pic of sunset through Dec mist rising from bay
tpr2 @tpr2:  it is indeed awesome, very cool indeed.

Residents were told there would be no shadow flicker from wind turbine in Port Elgin
PORT ELGIN, ON - It has been approximately 20 weeks since the blades on the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin have been spinning. It has also been the same amount of time since members of Stop Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) have been tracking complaints of those experiencing alleged negative impacts associated to the turbine.
A recent email sent to those on STOP's mailing list, provided some of those complaints which included audible noise outside the home preventing property enjoyment; inside the home causing sleep depravation, headaches, nose bleeds, nausea and dizziness, to name some.
In the same email, STOP spokesperson Greg Schmalz said the listed symptoms go away when those affected leave the turbine area, but reappear when they come back.
Deputy mayor Luke Charbonneau made reference to some of those residents who have made complaints at last Monday night’s council meeting. He also said he had visited with a couple who live on Stickel Street, close to where the turbine is situated.
"It's bad news," he told ¡ councillors around the table.
Charbonneau said it was a sad day when he visited with the Port Elgin residents who are said to be suffering from migraines, especially when the wind is coming off of the lake.
Moreover, he said a shadow flicker is now occurring in people’s homes, something the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) said would not occur.
In an interview Friday, Charbonneau referred to a meeting which took place in late 2011 where he was the only town official present. It was there, he said, that Martin Ince, the CAW's engineer for the project, said a shadow flicker would not occur.
This sentiment, Charbonneau continued, was repeated on page 6 and 7 of the OMB decision that permitted the turbine in the first place.
“There is (also) recorded testimony present from Brooks Wickett (a landscape architect) on behalf of the CAW. He testified that there would be ‘ appreciable shadow cast by the turbine off site,’” Charbonneau said. "We now know that they were wrong to make these assertions. “

Peak UV time in Toronto and Muskoka this weekend 1:21 pm.

NASA Video: Two Moons Passing in the Martian Night
This sped-up movie from the Curiosity rover shows Phobos (the larger of Mars' two moons) passing in front of smaller Deimos.

FYI Torontohenge is coming up. Sunrise Aug 23 6:31 am. @shawnmicallef @torontostar @AdamStilesCITY

"Lake of Fire". Sunset through December mist rising from Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie

Wow, great shot. Love sunset pictures.  RT @tpr2: Hot air sunset by silverum

Very nice!  RT @SimonOstler: TORONTO: A sliver of sunset after the storm
Picture - via @DanCottom""
RB: @DanCottom That's a great shot!! Where did you take it from?
Dan Cottom‏@DanCottom:  Jarvis &  Wellesley

Peak UV time in Ottawa this long weekend is at 1:09 pm.

Peak UV time in Muskoka this long weekend is at 1:23 pm.

Peak UV time in Toronto this long weekend is at 1:24 pm.

Sunset tonight in San Francisco at 8:18 pm PDT

San Diego sunset tonight at 7:47 pm PDT

Miami at 8:07 pm EDT

What a difference latitude makes! Calgary sunset tonight at 9:22 pm, San Diego 7:47 pm

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Our Aug 2013 sunrise/sunset tables have been posted - incl times of rise/set, solar noon, no. of daylight hrs

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