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Miscellaneous Tweets – August 2013

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

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Great article, split second thinking in an officer's shoes
Scroll down to Ottawa Citizen article -

Rates gotta go up first?  RT @Wheelsca: So where is that cheaper car insurance we were promised in Ontario?
TORONTO, ON - Cheaper car insurance? Ontario drivers will wait two more years
Finance Minister Charles Sousa says it will be another two years before Ontario enjoys a promised 15 per cent premium reduction

Well, my business is finally on Facebook! Oh, and I just got colour TV too :).  Engage with us at:
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Barrie Transit route changes mean no more city buses by our place. Nice and quiet!

Amen MT @T_Burrows: Gr8 article RT @TPSPete: No police officer wants to use deadly force. Pls don?t rush to judgment
TORONTO, ON - No police officer ever comes to work hoping that they will have to point their gun at someone and fire. Nor are they eager to use a less deadly form of force such as a Taser or baton. No police officer wants to end anyone’s life. When a death or serious injury happens, we deeply regret the loss of life and feel compassion for those who die, their family and their friends. We feel no less compassion for the police officers involved who are devastated and will relive these moments the rest of their lives.
Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk:  FANTASTIC article! Eye-opener for those with 'confused' view of police forces!
Tim Burrows‏@T_Burrows:  One of the best articles I've read in a long time...and all true.
Leigh Buchan‏@lives2talk:  I'm going to print article - will remind me that someone is fighting for my wellbeing every day!
RB:  Could u imagine if the papers reported the 99+% of the stories that have positive outcomes??
Tim Burrows‏@T_Burrows:  Doen't sell papers, ads, or raise ratings...and reality doesn't sensationalize. They aren't interested
RB:  Oh I was being facetious of course :).
Peter Moreira‏@TPSPete:  you raise the 99% of calls we attend and defuse and peacefully resolve. Thanks for remembering that

Tx to them all.  RT @CTVBarrieNews: Long weekends aren't as relaxing for paramedics and emergency room staff...

Cheers, Ralph

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