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Sun/Shade & Urban Development – September 2013

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, specific projects, and sun/shade issues.  They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).


Mixed-use building will be Winnipeg’s highest

WINNIPEG, MB - Plans for what will be Winnipeg’s tallest building have been released by Ontario-based property developers.

LiveWorkPlay Winnipeg will be located on a building site currently housing a parking lot in the city’s downtown core. The mixed-use project’s design will reach up to 40 storeys and include more than 300 residential units, office, and retail space…


Skyscraper Owner Lays Plans to Dim Walkie Talkie’s Solar Rays

LONDON, UK - A solar collector is a kind of power plant that works by bouncing the sun’s rays off a concave mirror and using the resulting beam of light to heat water.

Quite by accident, that’s what some London property developers made when they built the tapering skyscraper known affectionately as the Walkie Talkie at 20 Fenchurch Street in London’s financial district…


Tall buildings turning into parabolic ray guns??

LONDON, UK - The Walkie-Talkie Building, at 20 Fenchurch St., in London, has suddenly become the Walkie-Scorchie Building for melting a Jaguar in its focused reflection of the sun's rays. And rather than mumbling into its sleeve, the architectural establishment is condemning its design by celebrity architect Rafael Viñoly. Most of his bad architecture goes uncriticized…


Barrie waterfront development, Harmony Village, draws fire at meeting

BARRIE, ON - Harmony Village drew a crowd Monday, just maybe not the audience it wanted.

The Council Chamber at Barrie City Hall was filled for a marathon public meeting on a rezoning application for the huge, proposed residential/retail development near the waterfront.

With five towers ranging from 22 to 31 storeys, Harmony Village would have 1,255 units in highrises and townhouses for 3,000 residents, a hotel, dinner theatre, community centre, medical offices and a wellness centre on the 6.8-acre site.

Monday’s message from residents is it’s too much — in terms of height, density, traffic, shadowing, noise, etc…


Can tall buildings fry their surroundings? > Fryscrapers - Tall buildings that cook their surroundings

The stories below highlight the immense power of the sun, especially when its rays are concentrated and focussed inadvertently as a result of the design/shape of the building.  These examples have been well-documented and they have gained world-wide attention.  Two are currently (Sep 2013) in the news - Walkie Talkie and Museum Tower…


Fryscrapers - tall buildings that cook their surroundings

Think lighting fires with a magnifying glass, or cooking with a solar cooker!  Not what you want to do with a building - unless of course you find a way to capture and re-use the heat and energy…


@GConnaughton High-rises are usually accused of blocking sun, not reflecting back more than you expected :) cc.@BuzzBuzzHome


"Wok-ie Talkie"? RT @SunPosition: 'Walkie Talkie' building melts car by reflecting sunlight into concentrated spot

LONDON, UK - A £200million skyscraper has had an undeniably dazzling effect on passers-by – but not, unfortunately, the one intended by its architect.

20 Fenchurch Street, better known as the Walkie Talkie due to its distinctive shape, is reflecting blinding rays of light onto the street below, damaging the panels and wing mirror of a Jaguar XJ…


Reflected sunlight actually. RT @TorontoStar: London skyscraper casts beam of light so intense it melts cars.


Dallas condo fried museum art. RT @TorontoStar: London skyscraper casts beam of light so intense it melts cars

LONDON, UK — The owners of the 37-storey tower known as the Walkie Talkie in the financial district are investigating a light beam cast by the building that’s so intense it melted parked cars…


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