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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – October 2013

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).

Very cool explanation. RT @OttawaCitizen: Late sunrise makes Saturday morning the year’s darkest

OTTAWA, ON - This Saturday will be the darkest morning of the year, the only day when the sun doesn’t rise over Ottawa until 7:44 a.m.

That’s later than any other day — even one minute later than sunrise on the days of the year that are darkest overall, near the end of December…

more -

Halloween sunset times -

Toronto sunset time on Halloween is 6:09 pm

Ottawa sunset time on Halloween is 5:51 pm

Halloween sunset time in Barrie is 6:09 pm. For other cities >

Don't forget Torontohenge today Oct 25 at sunset 6:18 pm. Watch as the sun sets in line with east/west streets.

One week later on this side of the pond :) MT @Fire_Kills: Don’t forget 27/10 is clock change day. Test your smoke alarms.

Torontohenge this Friday Oct 25 at sunset 6:18 pm. Awesome to see - but be careful driving.

>Jane Mann @JanesinToronto: Is Torontohenge tonight also or mainly Friday Oct 25?

>RB: Tonight and Saturday should be OK too.

>Jane: Great! Thx. Now I know what I'll be doing at 6:18pm for the next 3 nights

>RB: 6:19 tonight, 6:16 on Saturday.

Sue Holland ‏@suesthegrl: @SunPosition Any hot tips on when Torontohenge 2013 for sunsets will be this fall? Usually around now in late October, non?

>RB: Torontohenge this Friday at sunset, Oct 25 6:18 pm. Watch as the sun sets in line with east/west streets.

What time is sunset on Halloween? -

>Leigh Buchan @lives2talk: Not soon enough for the younger trick or treaters!

>RB: Agreed. Halloween sunset was an hour earlier a few yrs ago before Daylight Time was extended into Nov.

Michael Guy @garrattguy: @SkyJacked793 @rightsprung Ok so how far east of 1 Front st E do you have to be to see the sunrise at the exact same time as Rob in his cab?

>Rob Mac @SkyJacked793: Good one! Maybe our man @SunPosition could give us an estimate :)

>Michael: I found a calculator, whats cab height in meters?

>Rob: Say 216 metres

>Michael: 52.5km west of the crane.

>RB: Sounds about right to me - except of course it's to the east.

>Rob: lol. It's so very common for that mix up with crane signals. "No, the other east"

>RB: Had that same problem when I used to survey. And the upside down view didn't help :)

>Rob: Sunrise at lake level at the same time as me is 50+ kms east in Whitby #Amazed

Rob Mac @SkyJacked793: 1:43 pm @JPRoe Your building seems to have become part of my Berczy Park shadow study :) cc; @udotoronto @SunPosition

>RB: Rob, great shot. I should try to duplicate that with my shadow model :)

>Rob: That's interesting :) I like that shot, probably many versions

>RB: Was that taken at 1:43 pm on Oct 1st?

>Rob: Yes sir, yesterday

>RB: Tx, good to know.

Olympic Torch Lit with Rays from the Sun

ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece - Using the sun's rays, the Olympic flame lighting for the Winter Games in Sochi went off without a hitch in southern Greece, ahead of its journey across Russia's nine time zones and even a trip to space before the Feb. 7-23 games.

The ceremony was held Sunday with actresses dressed as ancient priestesses at the birthplace of the Greek games held in antiquity, with the flame lighting using a parabolic mirror…

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Vancouver sunrise/sunset tables -

Our sunrise/sunset tables for your location for the current month are free for the asking.

Ottawa sunrise/sunset tables -

Toronto sunrise/sunset tables -

Our sunrise/sunset tables for current month -

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