Monday, March 3, 2014

Sun Glare While Driving – February 2014

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed ( or @SunPosition).
Minibus driver cleared over Southampton cyclist death, low sun and glare given as explanation for crash |
SOUTHAMPTON, UK - A minibus driver who admitted hitting a cyclist with his wing mirror has been found not guilty of causing death by careless driving.
David Irving, a 48-year-old IT consultant from Wimborne in Dorset, died at the scene of the crash in Southampton on the morning of December 17, 2012.
Driver Steven Petterson, 38, said bright sunlight and glare stopped him from seeing Mr Irving…

Sun Glare, Ice May Have Caused Turnpike Pileup | NBC News

PHILADELPHIA, PA - An unfortunate combination of sun glare and refrozen snow may have caused the multiple car crash nightmare along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in suburban Philadelphia on Friday morning…
more -

Toronto drivers be prepared - the sun sets the week of Feb 17 along w/b Gardiner btwn Park Lawn and 427 (17:55+/-).

Margaret ‏@TorontoViewer: I was just thinking at 9 this morning that I wd NOT want to be driving east to my cottage in pec Wd be BLINDED!

RB: As if that stretch of 401 hasn't been bad enough lately...

Ottawa drivers be prepared - the sun sets the week of Feb 17 along w/b 417 just west of 416 (17:35+/-).

Brian‏@BrianFH2: @SunPosition Pertaining to a traffic accident, would you know if using the sun or it's glare as a defence be accepted by a judge?

RB: Sure, sun glare has been successfully used as a defence in the past. Depends on the circumstances.
Brian‏@BrianFH2: I appreciate your reply. I do a lot of driving. Thank-you.

Sun glare season upon us again. Anticipate where the sun will be BEFORE rounding the next curve.

Cheers, Ralph

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