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Sun/Shade & Urban Development – November 2014

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Proposal for New Tower on Church Property Proves Controversial | CityLand

Proposed Rendering of 1010 Park Avenue, Manhattan. Image Credit: LPC.

NEW YORK, NY - On October 21, 2014, the Landmarks Preservation Commission held a hearing on a proposal for the demolition of an existing church annex and the construction of a new 15-story building on property belonging to and adjacent to the Park Avenue Christian Church at 1010 Park Avenue in Manhattan…

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Melbourne City Council to ask Matthew Guy to reverse decision on Collins Street site | The Age

MELBOURNE - Melbourne City Council will ask Planning Minister Matthew Guy to reverse changes he made to a Collins Street property title that enabled a developer with links to the Liberal Party to sell it for a large profit soon after.

The move will bring attention to the many Melbourne developers who have gained approval for a skyscraper from Mr Guy and immediately put the site up for sale…

The highest-profile example in Melbourne is 555 Collins Street, over which the city council will on Tuesday ask Mr Guy to reverse planning laws he changed last year.

In April 2013 Mr Guy altered the planning rules on the site, owned at the time by developer Harry Stamoulis, to allow a tower on it to overshadow the south bank of the Yarra River…

Melbourne City Council's deputy planning chairman, Stephen Mayne, said Mr Guy's decision to allow a building at 555 Collins Street to overshadow the Yarra River was "the most confounding and perplexing we've seen by the minister".

"It came out of the blue, and there was no tradeoff public benefits for allowing huge overshadowing of the south bank of the Yarra River," he said.

"The minister has never explained this decision. There deserves to be a serious look at who spoke to who, who promised what, and why this was done," he said.

Cr Mayne compared the decision on 555 Collins Street to Mr Guy's refusal of a tower on the next Collins Street corner up – at the corner of Williams Street – where building industry super fund CBUS wanted to build a similar height skyscraper.

Asked if the shadow controls for the site he approved last year should now be removed, Mr Guy's spokesman said there was no building approved on the site.

And he said the CBUS tower had been rejected due to "considerable design issues" as well as overshadowing…

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Berlin planning board defends overview of Jericho wind project | The Berlin Daily Sun

BERLIN, PA - The planning board defended its handling of the Jericho Power wind project at its monthly meeting last Thursday.

Community Development Director Pamela Laflamme said the project, which was before the city in various forms since 2006, was fully vetted by the planning board…

Board members said they reviewed detailed studies on various aspects of the project including visual impact, noise, and shadow flicker…

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Behold the towering beauty of the world's tallest new buildings of 2015 | via @buzzbuzzhome

Shanghai Tower

The following list is based on data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, the recognized authority on skyscraper height.

With the number of officially “tall” buildings — at least 656 feet — doubling over the next ten years, and the number of “megatall” buildings — at least 1,969 feet — expected to jump from two to 10 by 2020, building construction around the world is literally reaching new heights.

Indeed, next year alone 10 new skyscrapers of at least 1,110 feet will be completed. They are 2015′s tallest buildings…

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San Francisco Voters Increase Height Limits for Waterfront Development | via @planetizen

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Voters gave Forest City Enterprises' Pier 70 development the go-ahead on Tuesday by increasing height limits from 40 to 90 feet. The 65-acre property will be developed into mixed use, with 2,000 housing units, 30 percent affordable, and open space.

"In a city where waterfront development proposals invariably become political brawls, developer Forest City took a different tack at Pier 70, spending three years meeting with neighbors before coming up with a project that had what most residents were looking for: ample affordable housing, plenty of open space, and heights that would not block views or cast shadows in the adjacent Dogpatch (neighborhood)," writes J.K. Dineen of the San Francisco Chronicle about the passage of Prop. F.

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'Permission' to shadow bought >

TDSB takes $1M to back away from opposing developer's tower plan | Toronto Star[1]

TORONTO, ON - The Toronto District School Board has accepted $1 million to back out of the fight against a 22-storey condo being built next to a primary school.

The proposed redevelopment will cast a permanent shadow across the Lord Lansdowne Public School playground every morning and increase traffic in the streets where hundreds of children walk, critics claim.

The City of Toronto, community groups, parents and the school council are all fighting the development at an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing later this month.

The TDSB, originally part of the opposition, pulled out in late October after signing a $1-million settlement deal with the residential developer, Wynn Group of Companies…


> 4 Seasons paid $2M few yrs ago. RT @PCashman_CHBA: Interesting side effect... RT @SunPosition: 'Permission' to shadow school bought for $1M.

> TDSB accepts $1 million deal to back off development fight - Toronto |  |

Lord Lansdowne Public School

Proposed 15-sty Ocean City hotel stepped back "so it absorbs its own shadow as it gets taller" >

Major Oceanfront Hotel Addition Planned For Ocean City | MD Coast Dispatch

Rendering by Becker Morgan

OCEAN CITY, MD - A new oceanfront 15-story hotel proposed for Ocean City received formal site plan approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission last week…

The design of the new hotel was presented by Jack Mumford of Becker Morgan Group. The applicant is OC Hotel Holdings, LLC…

At first, a 12-story building was designed to go along with Ocean City Code’s “height-by-right” regulation, Mumford explained, but the hotel ended up with only a few units facing the ocean while most faced the street on the north side, elevated parking and an elevated pool.

“We decided to come back with a smaller foot print with 15 stories rather than 12, so it is about 30 feet taller than what would be allowed with height-by-right but we were able to get all of the units oceanfront,” Mumford said. “We were also able to keep a vast majority of the site open, so we have more landscaping and light and air for the neighborhood.”…

Mumford furthered, as done with the Hilton, Holiday Inn and Gateway Grand they are stepping the building, so it absorbs its own shadow as it gets taller. According to Ocean City Code, a shadow study was conducted on Sept. 7 at 10 a.m.

“We managed the shadows so there is no shadows cast across the street on neighbors or onto the beach past the dune line,” Mumford said…

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> You can reduce shadowing by stepping a building, but you can't eliminate it.

Shadowing one of concerns >

St. Sophia Church, developer continue to clash in Waterloo | via @wr_record

WATERLOO, ON - The City of Waterloo won't wade into negotiations between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Sophia in Waterloo and UID Development Inc. over a city-approved condo project.

But the city did commit Monday to meet with parishioners to explain the building code and address other concerns and questions they may have about protocol during construction.

"We hear your concerns," Mayor Brenda Halloran said.

The church opposes the 23-storey project at 158 and 160 King St. N., 8 and 10 Noecker St., and 11 James St. and is appealing the city's approval of it at the Ontario Municipal Board, which decides land planning disputes.

St. Sophia's is located next door at 154 King St. N…

Top on the list of concerns is that construction will impact the parish priest and his family who live in a semi-detached home on church property.

A building permit has already been issued by the city…

Other church concerns include proper construction fencing on site, loss of sun and shadow impacts from the building, parking and traffic…

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Recently carried out a sun access analysis for a prospective buyer of a Manhattan condo. Interesting project.

Cheers, Ralph

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