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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – January 2015

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Hockey Central ‏@SNHockeyCentral: Little shade. #WinterClassic

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I just hope they don't 'half delay' the game so they end up with both shadows and sun glare.

NHL ‏@NHL: To eliminate any advantage created by sun glare, teams will switch ends at 10:00 mark of the first period.

But sun conditions may be completely different for the 2nd half of the period. Still not fair, nor safe.

Hugh Burrill ‏@Snhughburrill: Just spoke with NHL Deputy Commish Bill Daly. Says the glare issues could push back the start of the Winter Classic to 2:30 tomorrow.

The @NHL could set the game time by modeling the sun glare and shadows long before game day. Months before.

Eric Vegoe ‏@evegoe: “You don’t know what the sun is in the winter time until it’s the winter time and you’re here,” said Daly. Unless you scout a year ahead...

Or model the sun and shadow patterns well in advance of game day.

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been posted

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After Jan 2nd the sun starts rising a little earlier again each day in Ottawa

After Jan 3rd the sun starts rising a little earlier again each day in Toronto

Toronto is back to 9 hrs of daylight on Jan 1st and gaining about one minute per day

Ottawa will pass the 9 hrs of daylight per day mark on Jan 12th, gaining almost 2 minutes per day

RT Universe Today @universetoday: How Did We Find the Distance to the Sun?

Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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