Monday, April 6, 2015

Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – March 2015

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated

Unwanted solar panels stop boy from using his room - Peterborough Telegraph

PETERBOROUGH, UK - A mother is fighting against solar panels which emit such a blinding glare that her son who has an eye condition cannot see in his own bedroom.

@MattTheLombax: Air India memorial sundial. Not sure when this was put in but I haven't been here in 4 years...

> RB: The AirIndia Flight182 Memorial sundial was unveiled by @pmharper on June 23, 2007

County wants more time on wind issue

BAD AXE - More time will be given to make a decision on wind energy, which has taken center stage in recent months as one of the most divisive issues in Huron County.

The decision will be whether to put a halt to wind development for up to six months that would apply strictly to 16 county-zoned townships.

Two more public hearings have been scheduled, allowing residents, businesses and developers to weigh in again before county commissioners make a final decision…

The committee is focusing on revisions in setbacks, noise, shadow flicker and other regulations.

Over 12 hours of daylight in Toronto & Ottawa beginning Mar 18.

We're gaining over 3 minutes of daylight per day at this time year. Over 22 minutes per week. Bring it on!!!

The sun will be due south of Hawaii at the Spring Equinox on Mar 20 6:45 PM EDT

The annual path of the sun is over Sao Paulo on Dec 21, Quito on Mar/Sep 21, and just north of Havana on Jun 21.

The sun travels about 5200 km north between Dec 21 and Jun 21. It's halfway there at the Spring Equinox.

Solar eclipse expected to cause loss of 850 megawatts of solar power from UK's electricity supply network

 A near-total eclipse of the sun is set to thrill or disappoint millions tomorrow, depending on luck and the fickle British weather. 

Forecasters believe Wales and the Midlands might be treated to the best celestial show as the moon moves in front of the sun at around 9.30am, covering up to 97% of its surface.

Cloud is likely to cover all of the rest of the country, becoming thicker in the north - but no-one can predict when there might be a curtain-raising break in the cloud at any given location in the UK…

Despite the cloud, the event is expected to have a significant impact on the National Grid with a predicted loss of 850 megawatts of solar power from the electricity supply network.

Sun glare stops baseball game >

Finding a reasonable, viable solution - Hermiston Herald

HERMISTON, OR - A solution needs to be found for Hermiston baseball's glare problem.

The ending, if you could call it that, to Hermiston’s baseball game against Redmond Monday was weird, and it should never have happened.

The game was called because of the sun glaring off the roof of a storage building behind home plate…

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