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Sun/Shade & Urban Development – June 2016

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Mastering light and shadow | Daily News 

An architect is a master manipulator of light and shadow. His instincts have been honed by years of study to be able to manipulate light. Sunlight is something that is very desirable. Light and shade are part of our designs. In fact, they are the tools of an architect…

In Mexico City, a Battle Over a Building and the Art in Its Shadow | NY Times

It is a simple sculpture: 64 concrete pyramids that stand in a perfect circle around two-and-a-half acres of rippling, black volcanic rock. 

Known as “Espacio Escultórico” (“Sculptural Space”), the sculpture was inaugurated in 1979 here on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. It is considered one of the most important pieces of land art in Mexico, a tranquil oasis in a chaotic city. But the recent construction of a white eight-story building nearby has prompted a furious protest that pits the university’s needs against Mexico’s cultural heritage.

The campaign against the building, which looms over the 13-foot pyramids from less than a quarter-mile away, has drawn hundreds of artists, architects and intellectuals from Mexico and beyond…

How much sun does your Toronto condo get? Check here by time of year and the direction you face

Nice to see 5 of 10 are Clients >

The top 10 Toronto developments on BuzzBuzzHome in May 2016 | via @buzzbuzzhome

Raising playground 15' to reduce shadow >

Shadow Concerns for 16th and Mission Housing Project | via @MLNow

Mirroring a move made in the Bryant Street case, activists on Thursday proposed an alternative for the site at 16th and Mission and called the fully affordable project — which would also transform the 16th Street Bart Plaza into a park — the “Marvel in the Mission.”

The idea of towering complexes in the middle of the Mission District — two of the buildings in the current proposal will be 10 stories and another five stories — is concerning for opponents because of a shadow that would be cast on the playground of Marshall Elementary School nearby.

The developer has agreed to raise the school’s playground by 15 feet to mitigate the impact, but opponents are still resistant…

Sunset clause: Activists sue to stop shadow-casting Heights Library tower | Brooklyn Paper

The Brooklyn Heights Library sale was a shadowy deal, a new lawsuit alleges — but not in the way you think!

Activists are suing to stop the demolition of the branch, arguing the city didn’t do an adequate study into how the new library — and the luxury apartment tower above it — would impact the neighborhood before it agreed to sell the site to a developer last year.

Amongst other issues, the suit charges, it only considered how the building’s shadow will affect vegetation in local parks, but not how it will disturb parkgoers’ quest for sunshine.

“The fact that when these shadows occur a citizen of New York might be able to sit in the sunshine by going to a different park or moving around with shadows to other parts of the park belies the effects of the shadow on park users,” reads the lawsuit filed by anti-library-sale group Love Brooklyn Libraries…

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