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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – September 2016

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated.

The sun is getting lower these days.  High noon on Sep 3 is same as 10:50 am or 3:50 pm on June 21 in Toronto.

If you thought sun shadows are getting longer, you're right. At high noon in Toronto they are now 2X longer than on June 21.

>Brian Persaud @BrianPersaud: You don't say...so cool
>Yeah, interesting isn't it.
>It'll be over 2.5X by Sep 21st

Great sunset shots tonight in Toronto by @shawnmicallef

Sunrise sunset times for Rio2016 Paralympics - https://t.co/1RIbWsoFK4

Blinds perhaps? >

What can be done about the sun blinding Cowboys receivers in AT&T Stadium? | via @sportsdaydfw


“After the sunlight in AT&T Stadium appeared to interfere with a few Cowboys in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 20-19 loss to the New York Giants, many of the Cowboys hopping on the radio the next morning were asked what could be done about the blinding light.

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Monday, head coach Jason Garrett said it's just a fact of life the team has to deal with.

"The sun's been there for five billion years and it'll probably be there for five billion more," he said.

In a later interview on the station, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones seemed to agree with that sentiment but then said that the team could look into solutions if it's a problem.”…


Dallas Cowboys: Dallas players on battling the sun during critical fourth quarter drives | SportsDay

“The New York Giants weren't the only opponent the Cowboys had to fight in the closing moments of Sunday's loss.

The sun was clearly an issue. Arguably, three passes in the final 5:33 were lost by Cowboys receivers in the glare.

The first was a deep pass to Dez Bryant. Tight end Jason Witten lost two in the final 1:05.

All three came after the Giants scored to take a 20-19 lead.”…


Sun doesn't shine on Cowboys, but does blind them on two fourth-quarter incompletions | Star-Telegram

“The Cowboys admit the sun played a part in Jason Witten failing to hold onto a ball on the final drive of their loss to the Giants.

“Yeah, it was, but you know what you still should make the plays,” the tight end said. “There’s no question about that. The sun kind of got us on a little bit. But we still need to make those plays. I need to make it.”

Other teams have complained about the glare at the end of 3:25 p.m. games, with the sun shining through the west windows at AT&T Stadium. But it marked the first time since the stadium opened in 2009 that the Cowboys have complained about it.”…


The sun will cross the equator about 500 km N of the NE tip of Brazil on Sep 22 at 14:21 hrs UT (10:21 ET).

Despite the name, day and night are not equal on the Equinox.  Why?

Two reasons...

1) Official sunrise/set times are when top edge of sun touches horizon. Results in couple minutes extra sunlight.

2) Refraction - light bends - we can see the sun when it is actually below horizon. Results in couple more minutes sunlight.

Awesome @uofg. Reverse in winter? >

Ontario university uses simple idea to cut AC bill, carbon emissions | CTV News

CTV Kitchener: Power savings at U of G

“An Ontario university has cut its greenhouse gas emissions -- not to mention its air conditioning bill -- using a relatively simple technology.

The University of Guelph built a 30-metre-high tank that cools 22 million litres of water each night. The water is piped around campus during the day, cooling classrooms, offices and labs.”…


The sun will cross the equator about 500 km N of the NE tip of Brazil on Sep 22 at 14:21 hrs UT (10:21 ET).

Cool fact - Look up at the sun today at 10:21 AM EDT and know that is over the Equator just off Brazil.

Here's where the sun crosses the Equator today Sep 22/16 at 10:21 AM EDT. https://t.co/0l4p1ZETFn

Not officially the Fall Equinox, but equal day and night in Toronto tomorrow Sep 25.

Equal day and night in Toronto today Sep 25.  Not Fall Equinox but...

The sun is currently rising 1 minute later and setting 2 minutes earlier each day in Toronto.

Auroras to shine across Canada due to speedy solar wind | Weather Network

“A speedy stream of solar particles is washing past Earth this week, sparking off amazing displays of the Northern Lights in our night skies.”…


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