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Sun Glare While Driving – July 2017

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Amid criticism, prosecutor's office details why no charges issued in motorcyclist's death | Michigan Live

“Facing a wave of criticism in phone calls and online about the decision to not charge an SUV driver in the traffic death of a motorcyclist, Saginaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Chris Boyd gave a deeper look into the police investigation and prosecutors' determination.

Some of the criticism online has characterized the decision as blaming the motorcyclist and letting off the driver because, under some of the reasons why charges were not brought, prosecutors listed the biker not wearing a helmet and the driver being affected by glare from the setting sun.”

“Neither of these were major factors in the decision to not issue charges, Boyd said.”

“Around 7:30 p.m. July 8, Terry Todd Jr. was on his motorcycle attempting to make a left turn into Sheridan Arms, a gun store and range at 8259 Tittabawassee Road, when the SUV behind him clipped him and sent him into oncoming traffic, police previously said.

An oncoming Chevrolet Suburban ran over Terry, causing fatal injuries, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Boyd said the police investigation shows Terry had likely attempted to beat oncoming traffic by turning into the store but realized he couldn't make it and rapidly decelerated.

The SUV driver behind him was unable to see Terry's brake light because it was obscured by two 3-foot-by-5-foot patriotic flags attached to the back of his motorcycle, Boyd said.

While the flags flapping at 55 mph are fully extended, they drape when speed is reduced, he said.

These factors, along with the contributing decrease in reaction time from the sun's glare, did not give the SUV driver sufficient time to avoid collision, Boyd said.

"His reaction time was a little slower because of the glare of the sun, but it was significantly impaired by the lack of a brake light," Boyd said of the SUV driver. "He was driving at a responsible speed in a responsible manner and his reaction time was very limited."”…

Particular Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior Combination Shown To Create Blinding Window Glare | GM Authority

2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV First Drive19

“There may be a very unfortunate problem for some 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EVs and it’s only now being discovered.

So the story goes, according to The Truth About Cars, Bolt EVs specced in Premier trimmings with the Light Ash Gray interior motif are plagued by near-blinding dashboard reflections. The angle of the windshield—combined with the light gray dashboard color—reflects the light gray color back and creates significant glare on sunny days. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received two complaints surrounding the issue.

Furthermore, it’s a well-known issue now. Bolt EV owners have discussed the interior glare problem at length on forums and many have resorted to makeshift remedies to ensure a safe driving experience. A sample of how intense the glare can become may be seen below.”…

Chevrolet Bolt EV Dashboard sun glare

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