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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NASCAR Sun Angle Diagram - Phoenix International Raceway

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and six-time champion, Jimmie Johnson, told me via Twitter on October 25, 2014, that "The late stages at PIR are tough with the sun in your eyes."

JJ reply

Of course, I wanted to see how the sun angles look at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) so I prepared the diagram below to illustrate the case.  The next race scheduled at PIR is on Sunday, November 9, 2014, beginning at 1:00 pm MST (3:00 ET) - this is the last race in the Eliminator Round and the last race before the Championship Race at Homestead-Miami on November 16th.  

The diagram below shows the sun angles at PIR for the November 9th race.

Looks like Jimmie was absolutely right... was there ever any doubt??

Click diagram to enlarge.

PIR sun angles

Cheers, Ralph

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back to Standard Time

Ready for the long weekend?  Our clocks move back an hour this weekend - technically at 2:00 am Sunday morning November 2nd.

More details here >

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Torontohenge October 2014


On October 25, 2014, the sun sets in line with Toronto's major east-west streets offering photographers a great opportunity to capture the sun as it perches on the horizon between the canyon walls of buildings on either side of the street.  Sunset is at 6:18 pm EDT.

Although Torontohenge technically falls on October 25th, great photos can be taken in the days leading up to the 25th as the sun hovers directly above the street prior to sunset.

The photo below is a rendering showing the time and position of the sun (approx.) when it is in line with east-west streets between October 15th and 25th.  As you can see, there are lots of opportunities for great shots shortly after 6 pm.  (Click photo for larger view.)

Share your pictures on Twitter by sending them to @sunposition using the hashtag #Torontohenge.  You may also e-mail them directly to us at

torontohenge graphic


Cheers, Ralph

2014 Halloween Sunset Times


2014 Halloween sunset times for select Canadian and US cities:



Calgary AB

6:11 p.m. MDT

Charlottetown PEI

5:59 p.m. ADT

Edmonton AB

6:02 p.m. MDT

Halifax NS

6:04 p.m. ADT

Ottawa ON

5:51 p.m. EDT

Quebec City PQ

5:30 p.m. EDT

Regina SK

5:35 p.m. CST*

St. John NB

6:13 p.m. ADT

St. John's NL

5:45 p.m. NDT

Sault Ste. Marie ON

6:23 p.m. EDT

Toronto ON

6:09 p.m. EDT

Vancouver BC

5:52 p.m. PDT

Winnipeg MB

6:07 p.m. CDT

* no Daylight Time observed in SK



Chicago IL

5:46 p.m. CDT

Denver CO

5:59 p.m. MDT

Houston TX

6:35 p.m. CDT

Miami FL

6:40 p.m. EDT

New York City NY

5:53 p.m. EDT

San Diego CA

5:58 p.m. PDT

San Francisco CA

6:12 p.m. PDT


Happy Trick or Treating!

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