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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunshine on parks - Toronto’s new rules for downtown

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Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – May 2018

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – May 2018

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Miscellaneous Sun and Shadow Items – May 2018

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – April 2018

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – April 2018

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Miscellaneous Sun and Shadow Items – April 2018

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – March 2018

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – March 2018

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Miscellaneous Sun and Shadow Items – March 2018

Nice, #Toronto gains 1.5 hrs of daylight this month, the most in any month. … #sunshine

When you look up at the sun today, it's cool to think that it's tracking along the equator. At least I think it is, but maybe I'm just a sun geek :) #SpringEquinox

Hey sun, welcome back to the northern hemisphere. #SpringEquinox

If you want to know where due west is, look out your window at sunset today. #SpringEquinox

Not really funny but... Man uses mirrors to direct sunlight into neighbour's home in 'Dapto death ray' dispute #sunglare #deathray

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – February 2018

Good advice here. Left turns are one of the most dangerous moves you’ll make as a driver.

Sun glare obscured hilly terrain.

Sun glare and ice are a dangerous combination.

Crashes due to #sunglare in same area two mornings in a row despite warnings.

Sun glare believed to have played role in crash that killed former Sen. Cataldo

Accidents Caused by Sun Glare

Extreme solar glare cited as cause of vehicle crashing into tanker.

Sun glare cited, luckily no serious injuries as toddler hit by car.

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – February 2018

This Kitchener project will rise as high as 23 storeys but the developer has worked with the City to design it in a way that reduces shadows.  For example, the tallest building will be furthest from King Street in order to limit shadows on neighbouring properties.

This 24-storey project in Philadelphia is meeting opposition on a number of fronts, including shadowing.  Back to drawing board.

This Ottawa project at the corner of Albert and Booth streets includes buildings up to 25 storeys and is near an LRT station.  The layout was designed to minimize shadows on a neighbouring residential area.

Interesting opinion piece asking the question, “What height is right for Halifax buildings?”

This 72-unit residential building in Arlington VA was approved despite residents’ concerns about shadowing.

According to the Calgary developer, the redesign of the Mountain View Village project in Black Diamond, Alberta, has reduced shadows on nearby properties to 40 to 60 minutes per day for 2 to 3 weeks per year.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – January 2018

Kudos to @ColoradoDOT for being proactive

3 crashes within 11 minutes

Driver reported being blinded by #sunglare

Truck had pulled over because of #sunglare

Driving high 

Audi SUV passed me on snow and ice-covered 2-lane highway, in a curve, across double solid line. Wonder how crashes happen?? #roadsafety

Two close calls with 18-wheelers drifting out of their lane in one  trip between Barrie and Sudbury... 1/3 #roadsafety #stayinyourlane

1) while I was passing 18-wheeler on 4-lane Hwy 400. Trucker holding some kind of map or paper. #roadsafety #stayinyourlane 2/3

2) 18-wheeler crossed Hwy 69 centerline and came straight at me. Truck lurched back into own lane. #roadsafety #stayinyourlane 3/3

Dangerous combination, #sunglare + wet roads

Visibility hampered by #sunglare

It is thought sunrise lined up with hill

Interesting observation.

In your car, or on foot, it is not good enough to have the right of way. For your safety, and that of others, make sure you have SAFE right of way. #RoadSafety #WatchForOthers

Judge: Driver not guilty in fatal pedestrian crash because he had a "momentary lapse of judgement". So much for the campaigns against distracted driving!!! Unbelievable.

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – January 2018

According to the article, the building would shadow much of the Oval during prime skating times in mid-winter.

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Sunset Through “Lake of Fire”

No filters.  No Photoshop.  Lucky shot.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – December 2017

Two drivers blinded by sun in Anglesey fatal collision sentenced #sunglare #roadsafety

Sun glare suspected >

Three people rushed to hospital after horror smash on Irish road #roadsafety

Driver had green light but didn't see pedestrian due to sun glare >

President of Ramapo College strikes pedestrian with his car

Sun glare to blame >

Chelsea Kindergartener, Mom Hit By Car - #roadsafety

Good call by @ColoradoDOT >

It was so sunny, CDOT closed a Colorado interstate via @Coloradoan

Good advice here >

Five Ways To Beat The Sun Glare On Colorado highways #roadsafety #sunglare

Sun glare not ruled out >

French investigators struggling to explain 2016 spy-plane crash #sunglare #crash

RT @Walk_TO: Walk Toronto's @DaniellaLevyP comments in @TorontoStar on another bad year in Toronto for pedestrian safety, and the shortcomings of Toronto's "Vision Zero" plan

Glare from the sun likely contributed >

Man struck and killed in Pleasant Grove on Christmas Day identified

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Sun and Shade in Urban Development – December 2017

Units Pitched for Everett St at Gove St Assoc #Boston #urban #development #shadow

Neighbours worried about shadowing from proposed 4-storey condo building in Boston.

Neighbors object to high-rise shadows #urban #development #shadow

Neighbours worried about shadowing from 17-storey apartment building proposed by the Trammell Crow Company in Evanston, Illinois.

Record-breaking heights in global skyscraper construction - Construction Canada #urban #development

More skyscrapers (>200m tall) were built in 2017 than in any previous year – 144 worldwide, up from 127 in 2016, and almost double the 2013 figure.

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Miscellaneous Sun and Shadow Items – December 2017

Nice, in 9 days (on Dec10th) the sun begins setting later in #Toronto

One hour to #wintersolstice2017 - Dec 21 11:28 AM EST

Dec 21 - The good news... the days start getting longer now. #wintersolstice2017 #solstice
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