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Cheers, Ralph Bouwmeester

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – January 2018

Kudos to @ColoradoDOT for being proactive

3 crashes within 11 minutes

Driver reported being blinded by #sunglare

Truck had pulled over because of #sunglare

Driving high 

Audi SUV passed me on snow and ice-covered 2-lane highway, in a curve, across double solid line. Wonder how crashes happen?? #roadsafety

Two close calls with 18-wheelers drifting out of their lane in one  trip between Barrie and Sudbury... 1/3 #roadsafety #stayinyourlane

1) while I was passing 18-wheeler on 4-lane Hwy 400. Trucker holding some kind of map or paper. #roadsafety #stayinyourlane 2/3

2) 18-wheeler crossed Hwy 69 centerline and came straight at me. Truck lurched back into own lane. #roadsafety #stayinyourlane 3/3

Dangerous combination, #sunglare + wet roads

Visibility hampered by #sunglare

It is thought sunrise lined up with hill

Interesting observation.

In your car, or on foot, it is not good enough to have the right of way. For your safety, and that of others, make sure you have SAFE right of way. #RoadSafety #WatchForOthers

Judge: Driver not guilty in fatal pedestrian crash because he had a "momentary lapse of judgement". So much for the campaigns against distracted driving!!! Unbelievable.

Cheers, Ralph

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