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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sun and Shade in Urban Development – February 2018

This Kitchener project will rise as high as 23 storeys but the developer has worked with the City to design it in a way that reduces shadows.  For example, the tallest building will be furthest from King Street in order to limit shadows on neighbouring properties.

This 24-storey project in Philadelphia is meeting opposition on a number of fronts, including shadowing.  Back to drawing board.

This Ottawa project at the corner of Albert and Booth streets includes buildings up to 25 storeys and is near an LRT station.  The layout was designed to minimize shadows on a neighbouring residential area.

Interesting opinion piece asking the question, “What height is right for Halifax buildings?”

This 72-unit residential building in Arlington VA was approved despite residents’ concerns about shadowing.

According to the Calgary developer, the redesign of the Mountain View Village project in Black Diamond, Alberta, has reduced shadows on nearby properties to 40 to 60 minutes per day for 2 to 3 weeks per year.

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