Sunday, January 30, 2011

@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - Nov, Dec 2010 & Jan 2011

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Condo tower by Dunbury Developments approved at Harwood and Rossland in Ajax:
28 Jan

Pedestrian safety tips from Pittsfield MA Police Department #trafficsafety
27 Jan

Train, tractor-trailer crash due to sun glare - The York Daily Record… via @ydrcom
26 Jan

Clear your windshield of frost. Sun glare is bad at the best of times, but combined with frost... wow, it might as well be a bedsheet.
25 Jan

Redwood City approves improved downtown plan - San Jose Mercury News…
25 Jan

32 Storey Condo by Whitecastle Investments coming to 129 St. Clair Avenue West
24 Jan

Redwood City downtown plan poised to advance after long delays | | San Francisco Examiner… via @AddThis
24 Jan

@ottawasuncom Expect low blinding sun this week straight ahead w/b on streets like Carling & Baseline +/- 4:30 pm
23 Jan

@TrafficServices Toronto Commuters: Expect low blinding sun this week straight ahead on e/b Gardiner approaching Jameson +/- 8:10 am
23 Jan

Posted Toronto - City planners concerned about Lanterra's mega-project at Sherbourne & Howard: @nationalpost
19 Jan

Tallest building in #Ottawa planned for Little Italy. #OTTnews
18 Jan

Province loses fight to protect Queen's Park view corrider. Menkes to proceed with 48&44 storey condos at 21 Avenue
17 Jan

Boston development plans cast a shadow for some Back Bay residents - (via @BostonUpdate)
15 Jan

@UrbanLandInst Some billboards are a conversation piece.
14 Jan

What are automakers thinking? Ford Edge metallic trim extends onto dash top, creating unwanted glare
13 Jan

Drive according to road conditions, not the posted speed limit
13 Jan

'Peep Hole' Driving Leads To School Bus Collision
12 Jan

The sun starts rising earlier in Houston TX as of today.
11 Jan

Sun glare causes bus collision
6 Jan

Mother, children hit in Watsonville crosswalk - San Jose Mercury News…
6 Jan

Is Americans' Desire for High-Speed Rail Good for Real Estate? #hsr #rail #cre #realestate
4 Jan

Yes, it's the 1st day of winter... but, the days are now getting longer, yahoo.
21 Dec

On Biking: lessons from a crash
15 Dec

Believe it or not, the afternoons begin to get longer in Toronto ON starting today.
10 Dec

Finding fault isn't easy in fatal accident.
6 Dec

Langley BC residents concerned about shadows from proposed multi-storey condos.
4 Dec

Good news T.O. drivers and pedestrians. Sunset gets later each day after Dec 9th. Baby steps but moving in right direction.
3 Dec

If the sun decides to come out in Toronto next week you will see it rise M-F 7:29-7:33 am and set 4:43-4:41 pm.
26 Nov

Expect worst sun glare on w/b Gardiner from Parkside to Park Lawn daily after about 3:30 pm next week.
19 Nov

Toronto sun times for M-F week of Nov 22. Rise 7:20-7:25, Set 4:47-4:44. Expect glare esp before 8:45 and after 3:30.
19 Nov

Toyota Lawyer Cites Driver Error in Car Deaths
18 Nov

16 pedestrians hit by cars in just 48 hours
18 Nov

BOS OKs solar plant near Golden Shores - Railroad raises objection over panels blinding engineers.
17 Nov

Interesting call today from a Tennessee forester about the modeling of tree shadows.
15 Nov

Toronto sunrise/set times for M-F week of Nov 15. Rise 7:12-7:17, Set 4:52-4:49. Expect glare esp before 8:30 and after 3:30.
13 Nov

Higher Density Living - Deal with our fear of heights
12 Nov

Woman killed in school bus crash…
12 Nov

Blinded by sunlight - jury finds driver not guilty
11 Nov

Good sign.. the demand for shadow studies in the GTA is up.
11 Nov

Pedestrians and cyclists, be aware of where the sun is. Drivers may not be able to see you.
8 Nov

Toronto sunrise 7:02 am Mon. Nov 8. Beware of bright sun glare until at least 8:15 - especially e/b Gardiner between Parkside and Jameson.
7 Nov

Sun glare and shadows big problem in NASCAR race today.
7 Nov

How much sunlight can the different sides of a high-rise condo in Toronto get?
6 Nov

If you see the shadow of your car straight ahead in the road, assume that oncoming drivers, or pedestrians, cannot see you.
5 Nov

Drivers beware. After the time change this weekend the sun's location will shift and glare may affect you differently on your daily commute.
5 Nov

Motorists warned to beware of sun's glare
4 Nov

Condo sales inch up in Barrie
3 Nov

Turn your clocks back one hour before bed this Saturday Nov 6/10. For list of time change dates to year 2015 see
3 Nov

Photographic examples of the effects of sun glare while driving
2 Nov

Article about the dangers of sun glare while driving Includes link to interview with us by Omaha World-Herald.
2 Nov

Lanterra proposing 50, 56, 46 and 53 storey buildings on Howard Street between Sherbourne and Parliament
2 Nov

Minto submits application for 26-storey building with 105 units on the northeast corner of Cumberland St and Bellair St in Yorkville area.
2 Nov

Our free monthly sunrise/sunset tables for November 2010 have been posted at
1 Nov

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