Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daylight Saving Time Ends

For those of you in North American jurisdictions that observe Daylight Saving Time, don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday night! Official time change occurs at 2:00 a.m. local time on Sunday, November 6th.

Drivers beware!! After the time change this weekend the sun's location will shift and glare may affect you differently on your daily commute.

Cheers, Ralph

November 2011 Sunrise/Sunset Tables

November 2011 sunrise/sunset tables for select cities in Canada, the US, the Middle East, Haiti and Japan have been posted. The tables include the times of rise and set as well as the time of solar noon and the total number of daylight hours for each day of the month. Sun directions at rise and set are available upon request.

If your location is not one of the samples, contact us for a free table for your location for this month.

Visit http://www.sunposition.com/tables.html to view and print our samples or to order your location-specific table.

Cheers, Ralph

@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - Oct 2011

#Ottawa sunset time tonight (#Halloween) is 5:52 pm. Be safe and have fun out there. 31 Oct

#Toronto sunset time tonight (#Halloween) is 6:10 pm. Be safe and have fun out there. 31 Oct

Driver possibly blinded by sun > Saturday accident claims Winona woman's life | Winona Daily News http://bit.ly/rUukoU #sunglare 31 Oct

#Ottawa sunset time after the time change Nov 6 is 4:44 pm EST, yowzers. 31 Oct

#Toronto sunset time after the time change Nov 6 is 5:02 pm EST, yowzers. 31 Oct

If you think it gets dark early now, wait until the weekend. #timechange 31 Oct

@ottawastart #Ottawa commuters, the sun will line up w many e/w streets next week at +/- 4:50 pm . Be prepared. 28 Oct

@ottawastart #Ottawa commuters, be prepared for low sun w/b next week esp 4:40 pm to set at +/- 5:50 pm. 28 Oct

RT @TrafficServices: #TrafficSafety Program coming next week focusing on #pedestrian safety. http://ow.ly/7c8Z2 28 Oct

Just received call from another #Toronto homeowner concerned about #shadow #impact from proposed #monster #house next door. 28 Oct

#Halloween #sunset times for select Canadian and US cities posted here. http://bit.ly/ohLhDT 28 Oct

@TrafficServices Sunset time in #Toronto on Halloween night is 6:10 pm. 28 Oct

@TrafficServices The sun might be out for the w/b commute tonight in #Toronto. Be prepared esp after 5pm until set at 6:14pm. 28 Oct

RT @PMABrethour: Get the skinny on slim homes here!! Featuring our own Patrick Meeds http://www.ottawacitizen.com/skinny+slim+homes/5137586/story.html 28 Oct

RT @AsEasyAsRidingMark: "the collision happened simply because he was momentarily blinded by the low sun." http://aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/road-peril/#comment-677 22 Oct

RT @NeginSayah: Le Project Triangle will be Paris’s first high-rise approved building since 1977.Check it out: http://archiduke.blogspot.com/2011/10/building-with-no-shadow.html?spref=tw 25 Oct

Was just contacted by residents' group concerned about shadow impacts from proposed condo. #shadowstudy 27 Oct

The building with no shadow | World of Architecture and Design http://bit.ly/suST2P 27 Oct

The Dangerous Job of Crossing Guards: The Injury Board http://bit.ly/vsnVWr#sunglare #trafficsafety 26 Oct

@trafficservices#Toronto sunsets line up with major e/w streets this week. Be prepared. 26 Oct

Talk about a drive-thru. Range Rover 'takes out' burger stand. #Sunglare blamed. http://bit.ly/ruNhLM #trafficsafety 26 Oct

Huh. Had a call from driver who believes driver behind him didn't see turn signal due to #sunglare on signal lens. #trafficsafety 26 Oct

@trafficservices New study says texting doubles a driver’s reaction time http://bit.ly/rOwJ0y #trafficsafety 25 Oct

#Sunglare combined with following too close? > KCRA-TV: Truck Overturns In Highway 12 Ditch http://bit.ly/rd7VuL 19 Oct

This is scary! > Legalnewsline: Jury instruction improper, N.Y. high court rules. http://bit.ly/nffQAo #sunglare #trafficsafety 19 Oct

2011 Halloween sunset time for #Toronto is 6:10 pm 19 Oct

2011 Halloween sunset times for select Canadian and US cities. http://bit.ly/ohLhDT If your location isn't listed, just ask. 19 Oct

RT @ScndHrvst: Blackberry outage accounts for fewer road accidents > http://bit.ly/qgylUh #trafficsafety #middleeast 18 Oct

Pilot hurt in plane crash: Wind, #sun #glare may have been factors. http://bit.ly/rpKJcS #sunglare 18 Oct

Sun glare defence thrown out > Staten Island Advance: The sun never sets on legal absurdity. http://bit.ly/nRDHA8 #sunglare #trafficsafety 18 Oct

RT @del_bon: I hate that I'm too short for the visor to keep the sun out of my eyes #sunglare #cantsee 16 Oct

Husband died in bus crash tragedy http://bit.ly/p7zkUz #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

Crash with train kills Harrodsburg woman http://bit.ly/o1bxkL #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

Intersection conditions cited in death of couple http://bit.ly/rnFs4b #sunglare #trafficsafety 15 Oct

RT @LawyersUSACourt: Benchmarks: Driver blinded by sun glare can't claim "sudden emergency" http://lawyersusaonline.com/benchmarks/2011/10/14/sun-glare-doesn%e2%80%99t-qualify-as-driving-%e2%80%98emergency%e2%80%99/ 14 Oct

But what if you turn into it unexpectedly? > NY court says sunset glare not a driving emergency http://on.wsj.com/q66m6a #trafficsafety 13 Oct

Every minute 3 people will have died in road crashes worldwide, 1 of them a child http://bit.ly/pPKpL7 #trafficsafety 13 Oct

By 2030 road crashes will be 5th highest cause of death and injury worldwide and by 2050, 2nd highest http://bit.ly/pPKpL7 13 Oct

Nice! RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Scale model at @fivecondos new sales centre... looks amazing! - http://ow.ly/i/j3xP 12 Oct

Bright #sunglare likely didn't help > A tragic accident … but was it criminal? http://bit.ly/pjeGWv #trafficsafety 12 Oct

It seems #sunglare a factor once again > Pedestrian killed at Mohawk Raceway entrance http://bit.ly/qIrzCf 12 Oct

Time change on Nov 6 will have effect too > DEP Reminds Motorists To Be Cautious For Deer On Roads http://bit.ly/n5gguR 12 Oct

Is it just me, or is the term #breakingnews overused by TV media? Often neither #breaking nor #news. Attention grabber imho. 12 Oct

#Montreal #police launch #pedestrian #safety campaign. http://bit.ly/nbMp9F 12 Oct

#Sunglare and left turning vehicle play role in another motorcycle fatality. #Wichita http://bit.ly/pnhXVq 12 Oct

OpenFile #Ottawa: Sparks Street with a roof: Why not? http://bit.ly/mZkRBX 11 Oct

Our interview with Times Herald-Record. Judy Rife: A sure sign of autumn: #sunglare when driving. http://bit.ly/qxvG9A #trafficsafety 11 Oct

@ottawastart Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Ottawa 7:12 am and 6:27 pm. Beautiful weekend!! 9 Oct

Driving with sun behind you can be dangerous too! "due to sun glare he thought the light was green when he made a left" http://bit.ly/qTWALZ 9 Oct

Motorcyclist killed in Jamesville crash, truck turned left in front of bike. "May be an issue of sun glare" http://bit.ly/nMP2yd 9 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Muskoka (at #Port #Carling) 7:27 am / 6:43 pm 7 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Georgian #Bay (at #Parry #Sound) 7:29 am / 6:44 pm 7 Oct

#Thanksgiving Day sunrise/sunset times for #Toronto 7:25 am / 6:43 pm 7 Oct

Accident sends motorcyclist to hospital. Sun partly responsible for crash: CFJC TV7 Kamloops http://bit.ly/qR9END #sunglare #trafficsafety 7 Oct

Crash with bus. Rising sun combined with curve in road might have played role, officials said. http://bit.ly/oP06b7 #trafficsafety 7 Oct

Bright sun creates driving danger: WAVT-TV 10 http://bit.ly/ru0qwW #sunglare #trafficsafety 7 Oct

A walk on the risky side: LA Times http://lat.ms/pwPF72 #sunglare #pedestrian #trafficsafety 7 Oct

RT @UrbanLandInst: Solar-Home Competition Now Embraces Urban Needs: http://bit.ly/qDtEyt 6 Oct

@trafficservices AAA Mid-Atlantic reminds drivers of fall hazards http://bit.ly/mWxgrb #trafficsafety #sunglare 6 Oct

Car vs pedestrian leaves woman dead | North Smithfield, R.I. (WPRI) http://bit.ly/orMPaJ #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

RT @Urban_Toronto: When it comes to highrises, Toronto is tops on the continent + other news from the internet http://bit.ly/pSVB0F 5 Oct

RT @StarGTANews: Highrises? We’re tops on the continent http://bit.ly/pGT1Ux #Toronto 5 Oct

#Toronto #Traffic. Be prepared as you curve left toward low sun today esp +/- 5:50 pm WB Gardiner between Parkside and Ellis. 5 Oct

MDOT Offers Tips for Driving in Fall's Sunny Glare http://bit.ly/mPT8Ln #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

Man survives collision with freight train http://bit.ly/pdk1yr #sunglare #trafficsafety 5 Oct

@ottawastart Thanks for the favourite. > "FYI #Ottawa Halloween sunset time is 5:52 pm." 4 Oct

RT @Urban_Toronto: 21 Grenville approved at 46 floors. Lifetime wanted 52. OMB time? http://bit.ly/qCcsu0 ^ES 4 Oct

RT @BuzzBuzzHome: New tower gets greenlight on near Yonge, but at six storeys shorter than asked for http://natpo.st/mTf0Rg ..NIMBYism anyone? Awesome location. 4 Oct

@ottawastart FYI #Ottawa Halloween sunset time is 5:52 pm. 4 Oct

@AmberTraffic Sun looked very bright in RESCU cam shot. 4 Oct

Bicyclist blames sun for crash into bus http://bit.ly/qRtRQM #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

As Seasons Change So Must Our Driving Habits | InjuryBoard Harrisburg http://bit.ly/ndbNhA #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

PennDOT Reminds Motorists to be Alert to Fall Driving Hazards http://prn.to/nE1LBu #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Semi-Truck Crash Kills Two Pottawatomie County Deputies on Hwy 39 http://bit.ly/qneVPo #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Bicyclist killed in South Bexar County crash http://bit.ly/pk28iT #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

Light Rail-Dump Truck Collision Sends 15 To Hospital http://bit.ly/n5MXMH #sunglare #trafficsafety 4 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Baghdad #Kabul #KuwaitCity http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Chicago #Denver #Houston #Miami #NYC #SanDiego #SanFrancisco http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

We have posted Oct sunrise/sunset tables for #Barrie #Halifax #Ottawa #Toronto #Vancouver #Winnipeg http://bit.ly/hKSt7d 3 Oct

NIMBY - nice, in my backyard. RT @Urban_Toronto: Condos by Skyline International coming to Horseshoe http://bit.ly/qcdOfI ^ES 2 Oct