Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Sunset Times 2011

We have posted 2011 Halloween sunset times for select Canadian and US cities on our web site.  To view the list click the pumpkin or follow the link below.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Driving Interview

Judy Rife, of the Times Herald-Record of Middletown NY, wrote an article published on October 10, 2011, about the dangers of sun glare while driving in the fall. The article, "A sure sign of autumn: sun glare when driving", is based in part on an interview Judy did with me recently.  It contains some driving tips to keep in mind at this time of year.  You can read the article re-printed on our web site here, or you can read the original.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2011 Sunrise/Sunset Tables

October 2011 sunrise/sunset tables for select cities in Canada, the US, the Middle East, Haiti and Japan have been posted. The tables include the times of rise and set as well as the time of solar noon and the total number of daylight hours for each day of the month. Sun directions at rise and set are available upon request.

If your location is not one of the samples, contact us for a free table for your location for this month.

Visit to view and print our samples or to order your location-specific table.

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@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - Sept 2011

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#416 BR community? RT @cyburbia_forums: Article about downtown Toronto condo boom on commercial development 29 Sep

In 2002 I pitched idea for park outlining shadows of twin towers at time of #911 attack. Disappointed, no takers. @Sept11Memorial 29 Sep

NZ farmers not allowed to move stock on roads between half hour after sunset and half hour before sunrise. 28 Sep

A new building in Miami will have tinted glass that adjusts to changing sunlight and heat conditions. 28 Sep

Solar "trees" in parking lots recharge cars while keeping them cool. 28 Sep

4 High-Tech Projects Making Cities More Energy Efficient: Mashable Tech 28 Sep

@CityNews How about comparing 416 residential property tax rates to those for the 905? 26 Sep

Police: No New Charges In Crossing Guard's Death. 23 Sep

Your West Valley News: Fall sun causes dangerous glare. 23 Sep

If you're driving, walking or biking away from the sun, assume that cars turning left cannot see you. @trafficservices 22 Sep

It's that time of year again... Beware of #sunglare. Good advice here. @trafficservices 22 Sep

@ottawastart #Ottawa drivers, be prepared for #sunglare this week W/B 417 thru Richmond Rd after 6:00pm. 18 Sep

@TrafficServices #Toronto drivers, be prepared for #sunglare E/B and W/B Gardiner near Parkside this week, esp 8:05am and 6:15pm. 18 Sep

@TrafficServices Toronto drivers, sun glare most severe this week before 8:05am and after 6:15pm. #toronto #sunglare 18 Sep

Curved roofs provide passive cooling benefits, interesting read. 17 Sep

Shadow studies are NEW?? "...the project will be conducting a new type of study of Lawrence — a shadow study..." 16 Sep

Due to #sunglare, driver in fatal train crash didn't see railroad crossing gate or flashing lights. 15 Sep

Seattle firefighter hit by car, sunglasses could likely have prevented the incident. #sunglare #trafficsafety 7 Sep

Another left turn #sunglare crash. #trafficsafety 7 Sep

It's that time of year... 2 early morning crashes “almost identical” as cars turn into sun’s glare, hit cyclists. 7 Sep

Left turn is one of most common situations. "Driver blinded by sun hits pedestrian." 7 Sep

"Sunlight blinded a Cedar Rapids driver Monday, causing her to hit a pedestrian." #sunglare 6 Sep

You've got to wonder... how can you not see a school bus? 'Pickup truck collides with school bus.' #sunglare 6 Sep

You've got to wonder... how can you not see a train coming? #sunglare #trafficsafety 6 Sep

Sunglasses and visor may have prevented 3 car crash as driver possibly blinded by sun did not see stop sign. 6 Sep

Tough to reconstruct this crash. "Sun blindness suspected in deadly glider crash" in BC. 6 Sep

Great tips! RT @SafeDriver: The kids heading back to school tomorrow, here are some tips for ALL drivers; 5 Sep

Anticipate #sunglare when rounding corners. "Palmdale toddler killed in traffic mishap." 5 Sep

RT @MADDOnline: In 2009 an average of 1 alcohol-impaired driving fatality happened every 48 minutes. 3 Sep

Check out time-lapse video of our SunChips Solar Billboard in Oakland CA. 3 Sep

Fatal plane crash. Hits hydro line, top cable difficult to see flying into sun. #sunglare 3 Sep

#Toronto sunrise/sunset today 6:41am / 7:53pm... by end of month 7:14am / 7:01pm. 1 Sep

We have posted Sept sunrise/sunset tables for disaster areas #Port-au-Prince #Sendai #SlaveLake 1 Sep

We have posted Sept sunrise/sunset tables for #Baghdad #Kabul #Kuwait City 1 Sep

We have posted Sept sunrise/sunset tables for #Chicago #Denver #Houston #Miami #NYC #SanDiego #SanFrancisco 1 Sep

We have posted Sept sunrise/sunset tables for #Barrie #Halifax #Ottawa #Toronto #Vancouver #Winnipeg 1 Sep

It's that time of year. Collisions due to #sunglare appear to be up, esp on east-west roads. @trafficservices 1 Sep

Person in wheelchair struck by car. Looks like car driving into #sunglare, wheelchair crossing in shadow. 1 Sep

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