Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sun Glare While Driving - July 2012

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving and traffic safety in general.  They were derived from our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/SunPosition or @SunPosition).

What to do about protecting distracted pedestrians - http://bit.ly/SWnYYw

Hmmm, 104 in a 60 > Speeding driver cleared in fatal crash in Winnipeg - http://bit.ly/MEak7W

Edmonton Police moving more officers to “woefully undermanned” traffic section - http://bit.ly/NxjB49

RT @ReconGeni :"Red light means stop!" http://bit.ly/O3wrGi Excellent video showcasing dynamics of crash due to red-light runner

Wow. 2 peds hit, witnesses say driver taking solar eclipse pics, driver blames sun glare - http://bit.ly/NwFYXi  

Don't pic and drive! 2 peds hit, witnesses say driver taking solar eclipse pics - http://bit.ly/NwFYXi  

When the sun is low, police advise, "Check- then check again for oncoming traffic" - http://bit.ly/N9FWpx

How does sun glare contribute to traffic collisions involving vehicles, pedestrians, etc..? - http://bit.ly/O2nQ5f

'Sun Glare While Driving' blog articles - June 2012 - http://bit.ly/O2nQ5f

Low sun blamed > Jury clears man over fatal road crash near West Keal - http://bit.ly/Ng9SxE

Reminder to drivers, if sun in your eyes be extra careful > Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Redlands Sunday - http://bit.ly/Ng90cp

Woman struck by cab in city’s north end - @CityNews Toronto

Cheers, Ralph

Sun/Shade & Urban Development - July 2012

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, specific projects, and sun/shade issues.  They were derived from our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/SunPosition or @SunPosition).

Barclay Downs fighting zoning change, concern re shadow on swim club and tennis courts in Charlotte NC - http://bit.ly/NGcKbu  

RT @CondoChicks: DNA3 Condos Construction Update: July 2012 - http://ow.ly/1lKqqb

‏RT @CondoChicks: Aura Condos is on the Rise! - http://ow.ly/1lKqqa

Perspective is the key to understanding the condo market - Toronto Star - http://bit.ly/LRWuTo  

RT ‏@NewHomeBuyers: Big news out in Montreal, thanks to our friends over at Canderel - http://bit.ly/PXQ0zk

RT ‏@NewHomeBuyers: Montreal is set to receive their tallest building! - http://bit.ly/Q9yzlg

Urban Design Awards announce winners - http://bit.ly/NFPpWF  

Children's Memorial plans get taller, add a high-rise, Lincoln Park, Chicago - http://bit.ly/LWH55A

West Croydon UK high-rise homes plan gets mixed reception - http://bit.ly/NwFjFm  

Cadillac Fairview / Canderel plans residential skyscraper attached to Bell Centre arena in Montreal - http://natpo.st/OBtv2A

How can housing density be increased? - The Urbanist - http://bit.ly/NSGKwD  

Expanding due to heat? > Exploding glass not a clear cut issue for developers - Toronto Star - http://bit.ly/P2QdEv

What's in a name? > "Protesters crash condo rebranding event" - Ottawa Sun - http://bit.ly/MZs8iI

Highrise proposed at former Humane Society site on Champagne Ave, Ottawa - http://bit.ly/LRAuat

Video: The Shard: London's new super-highrise - Globe & Mail - http://bit.ly/LRzW4o

Balcony pools proposed in Mumbai high-rise. Let's hope the glass holds better than it does in Toronto - http://bit.ly/LRyWNF

From the home front: Skyscraper 'renaissance,' best tall buildings, towering proposals - http://bit.ly/LRyWNF  

Appeal against ‘SoBa’ high-rise on Catherine Street in Ottawa dismissed - http://bit.ly/Lo5eSr  

Residents oppose proposed Teron Road highrise in Kanata, Ottawa - http://bit.ly/N9Gjja  

Liberty Dev. proposes 2 condo high-rises in Vaughan > High-density development a-go at Weston, Hwy. 7 - http://bit.ly/Lo1EaM

RT ‏@NewHomeBuyers Looks like we might see another two-tower project rising in Yorkville! - http://bit.ly/KXZFIF

Cheers, Ralph

Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items - July 2012

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments.  They were derived from our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/SunPosition or @SunPosition).

Sunrise/Sunset Times for London2012 Olympic venues - http://www.sunposition.com/olympics/london2012/london2012_sunrise_sunset.html

Today, July 15, is last day of 9:00+ pm sunsets in Barrie for this year.

Ottawa sunrise and sunset table for July posted. UV peaks at Solar Noon - http://bit.ly/vvuEuG

Toronto sunrise and sunset table for July posted. UV peaks at Solar Noon - http://bit.ly/LQmQjg

July sunrise and sunset tables posted here - http://sunposition.com - http://bit.ly/puJ3Fr

Cheers, Ralph

Miscellaneous Tweets - July 2012

The following are miscellaneous comments and news stories.  They were derived from our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/SunPosition or @SunPosition).

RT @CanadianForums: Ontario consumers pay millions to subsidize electricity exports -  http://bit.ly/Q7nqPF

@CDNOlympicTeam All we can ask for is personal best times and scores. If that's not enough for a medal, so be it - be proud.

@marktewks I'll never forget 20 (yikes) yrs ago. We were visiting the US and had to endure watching Olympics on US TV... (cont'd)

@marktewks US commentator in your gold medal event said "The Canadian is holding his own" just before you out-touched for win... (cont'd)

@marktewks Then silence... One of my all time proud Cdn moments. Thanks for that.

Canadian band, The Wilderness of Manitoba, has van stolen in London on first night of UK tour. Ouch!

Like disappearing at centre & reappearing in crease lol? MT @Bozie42: Just saw @D_Copperfield. Wish I knew how to do that stuff.

RT ‏@CTVBarrieNews: Correction: Three IEDs were detonated at the BARRIE BOARD OF WORKS tonight, not on Virgilwood Crescent

> @CTVBarrieNews Never heard of that before. Where and what is it?

RT @OPP_GTATraffic: Hwy 400 NB at Mapleview Drive, Barrie: Disabled vehicle blocking the centre lane

RT ‏@CheltenhamUnder: The lovely people from The Wilderness of Manitoba sent us this last night! 'Forest City Love' - http://youtu.be/EpnmnVR498o Enjoy!

Wow, this EP by The Wilderness of Manitoba is awesome. Have a listen here. Think CSNY, Fleetwood Mac. http://ow.ly/cbJfc  

Wow, this EP is awesome. RT @3voor12Utrecht: In Vervoering - act The Wilderness of Manitoba nu op de luisterpaal http://ow.ly/cbJfc  

‏@T_Burrows: Q3. Is there any requirement for the public to be authentic?

> @T_Burrows A3: Absolutely! Communication is a 2-way street.

> ‏@T_Burrows: Q4. Is there an assumption that police aren’t authentic when they say they can’t provide all details for an event?

> @T_Burrows A4: Perhaps by some, but integrity of case has to be preserved for courts despite public's hunger for details.

> ‏@kelsiefraser: @SunPosition that's so true! I wish more ppl understood that.

> ‏@T_Burrows: The authenticity killer: Q6: Is it fair to hold a department accountable for the actions of an officer. ie-charged for an offence

> @T_Burrows A6: Not at all. I still go to the doctor, dentist, etc. despite the bad apples.

> ‏@KJjournalist: And those bad apples are the ones that sell the papers...

> @KJjournalist Exactly right. Unfortunately.

> ‏@T_Burrows: Here is the transcript for tonights copchat. It will take about hr to fully load up - http://bit.ly/N64C36

> @T_Burrows Thanks for hosting Tim. Looking forward to catching up on all the tweets that flew by over the last hour.

> ‏@T_Burrows: @SunPosition My pleasure. Every Wednesday night 9pm eastern

RT ‏@blissblogs: Ok, this is exciting. I was just told the Energy Minister's announcement is NOT related to wind turbine health study. Hmm? energy mystery

Ottawa to study possible health effects from wind turbines | CTVNews http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/ottawa-to-study-possible-health-effects-from-wind-turbines-1.873055

@AdamStilesCITY It would be hilarious if you used Hugh's picture for the frizz factor - same picture for all.

>‏@AdamStilesCITY: @SunPosition his goatee gets pretty crazy on humid days. Ha ha.

>@AdamStilesCITY Oh ya right, you could make one crazy graphic with that LOL.

>‏@AdamStilesCITY: @SunPosition I will see what my guys can do.

>@AdamStilesCITY Priceless!

> @AdamStilesCITY You could even rename it the Hugh-midity Factor ha-ha.

Rattlesnakes in Barrie?? Apparently so. Yikes! - http://bit.ly/NIPvHj

RT ‏@RaymondBowe: Barrie woman competes at prestigious hot dog-eating contest -  http://bit.ly/LTAGWC

> Was that "hot dog-eating contest" or "hotdog-eating contest" lol? MT @RaymondBowe: Barrie woman competes at...

> ‏@RaymondBowe: @SunPosition LOL. You're right! Gotta love the English language.

‏> @RaymondBowe: Reposting because I got busted by the grammar police. Barrie woman competes at prestigious hotdog-eating contest - http://bit.ly/LTAGWC

> @RaymondBowe LOL, you didn't have to do that. The first post was an eye catcher.

Holy smokes, someone please tell me it was someone's pet > Barrie dog fights off rattlesnake - http://bit.ly/NIPvHj  

Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours.

RT ‏@ReconGeni: @DonMcNevin @sdj102 Basic watersafety skills would prevent drownings. Surprised 2  meet ppl who don't know how 2 swim. Swimming is a life skill.

> @ReconGeni But sadly, too little training gives (parents) false sense of security. cc. @DonMcNevin @sdj102

> ‏@ReconGeni: @SunPosition Many people go w/the 'it won't happen to me' mentality or don't realize conditions of water: fast current/ undertow/ quarry depth

> @ReconGeni Exactly. Our 3 kids, now adults, were all lifeguards. Drowning, or at least distress, can literally happen in seconds.

T-ball Tuesday? RT @CityHugh: A bunt "home run"? Yup. See it later on @citynews

No kidding & too bad about the involuntary key changes. RT @BigStewy: Take your hat off when singing our national anthem

Happy C eh N eh D eh Day eh!

@armdog Congrats Colby! Wish you could have stayed in Toronto but best of luck in Montreal. You'll come back to burn the Leafs.

Especially loved The Wilderness of Manitoba yesterday at New Traditions music fest on Toronto Island.

Cheers, Ralph