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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Torontohenge February 2019 – Best Photo Ops

The first Torontohenge of 2019 is coming up…

Torontohenge is the name given for the phenomenon that occurs when the sun rises or sets in line with Toronto's major east-west streets downtown, giving photographers a great opportunity to capture the sun as its top edge grazes the horizon between the canyon walls of buildings on either side of the street.

Photo: By Sevtibidou (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0
(], via Wikimedia Commons

Although Torontohenge technically falls on the dates given below for 2019, great photos can be taken for about a week before the August and October dates and a week after the February and April dates as the sun hovers directly above the street.  Not great for driving, but quite a sight just the same.

Best Photo Ops in February
In February, great photo ops will occur after the 15th.  For example, the sun will cross the street, and be perched directly above it, at about 5:44 pm on the 18th and 5:39 pm on the 25th.

In a nutshell, there will be opportunities for great photos for about a week after February 15th., so if the weather doesn't cooperate on the 15th, not to worry.

The Torontohenge dates for 2019 are:



Feb 15

5:48 pm

Apr 19

6:29 am

Aug 24

6:32 am

Oct 26

6:17 pm

Warning for Drivers
Despite the opportunities for photographers, driving conditions for westbound motorists may be difficult for about 3 weeks following February 15th due to glare from the sun prior to sunset.  The last hour of daylight is typically the worst. 

Sunset times between February 15th and March 8th range from 5:48 to 6:15 pm.

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