Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slave Lake Sunrise/Sunset Times

I have posted sunrise/sunset times for Slave Lake, AB here:

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the flooding and those helping with relief work.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

@SunPosition Tweet Highlights - April 2011

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RT BuzzBuzzHome - Huh! Maybe there is a reason why South Views are priced higher.. not just views, but LIGHT!! Learn more, and invest well: http://ow.ly/4JOFJ 29 Apr

Even school bus hard to see: Vision maybe impaired by sun, man dies rear-ending school bus http://bit.ly/izogFv 28 Apr

RT Onni Group - Onni's CENTRAL featured in today's Vancouver Sun - "And now for something completely different... in architecture" http://bit.ly/j6wggl 28 Apr

RT Paul Mindus - Smart, green growth and walkable urban places are killing the ‘burbs - see details in today's Saint Report http://ow.ly/4IZS6 28 Apr

@TrafficServices As the Doors would say, "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel". 28 Apr

Sun glare from buildings may have contributed: Edmonton pedestrian struck and killed by transit bus http://bit.ly/gKudqn 21 Apr

Drivers, watch for peds esp. when shadows on road and reflections on windshield http://bit.ly/eSlpbx @TrafficServices 19 Apr

Didn't see that coming... Canada's auto capital named city of future http://yhoo.it/fWurkz 19 Apr

Do gizmos on vehicles threaten their safety? http://bit.ly/gpnS2P 17 Apr

@TrafficServices Buckle up! Don't be a deadly projectile to others in your car. 15 Apr

@TrafficServices Running reds gets you nowhere. Guy ahead of me ran light on Lakeshore this a.m. Next light I was beside him. 14 Apr

Sun position hindered identification of wires, copter pilot likely didn't see power line in fatal crash http://bit.ly/emNsFD 13 Apr

Drivers, having sun behind you dangerous too. Can 'wash out' brake and traffic lights ahead. @TrafficServices 11 Apr

Buildings oriented according to path of the sun: Construction of Foster’s DC development begins http://bit.ly/i3MU61 11 Apr

Meteorologist: Worst time for sun glare for drivers is 15 minutes after sunrise http://bit.ly/idhErf @trafficservices 8 Apr

CityCenter DC: Redevelopment of the Washington Convention Center Site Breaks Ground. http://www.dexigner.com/news/22818 7 Apr

Even bright sunny days can be dangerous for driving. http://bit.ly/hG7Vxy #trafficsafety 6 Apr

Drivers, anticipate changing sun conditions when rounding corners. http://bit.ly/fBlgKP #trafficsafety 6 Apr

RT Patrick Fox - 125 arguments and techniques opponents use to derail a real estate project — Part 1 http://ow.ly/15Pu5Y 6 Apr

Sun blinded trucker, rammed stationary traffic because he was too short http://bit.ly/fEbNaS 4 Apr

@ottawasuncom #ottawa drivers, sun glare most severe this week before 7:40am and after 6:30pm. #otttraffic 3 Apr

@TrafficServices TO drivers, sun glare most severe this week before 7:55am and after 6:45pm 3 Apr

Casting a shadow on Back Bay’s future: http://bo.st/f2J8hP 3 Apr

New guidelines: High rise panel to finally screen 60 stalled projects http://bit.ly/gmOtcY 3 Apr

590ft controversial 'Triangle' tower to be built in Paris: http://bit.ly/hzUDI0 3 Apr

Springtime brings increase in windshield glare, but experts offer tips to help: http://bit.ly/e03XD8 3 Apr

This is one law that’s needed http://bit.ly/fJvYgl 2 Apr

Cheers, Ralph