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Sun Glare While Driving – June 2016

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Avoiding Pinellas County Pedestrian Injuries | Dolman Law Group

Pinellas County pedestrian injuries from crashes totaled 384 in 2013, the last year of complete available statistics. The same year there were 26 fatalities reported…

What makes Pinellas pedestrian injuries so commonplace is the fact that there are a large numbers of pedestrians in hazardous areas…

What are some measures one can take to avoid pedestrian injuries caused by a motor vehicle?

  • Do not cross between crosswalks. A car traveling at 50 MPH covers the length of a football field in the time it takes the average pedestrian to cover 12 feet. A driver’s stopping distance at that around 200 feet with a quick reaction time and good brakes.
  • Wear light or reflective clothing if you must to walk at night. Consider carrying a flash light.
  • Avoid walking when the sun is close to the horizon. Many pedestrian injuries occur due to sun glare.
  • Always walk facing oncoming traffic. If a distracted driver should swerve toward you, you will have time to get out of the way.
  • Pay attention to the walk/don’t walk signs. Wait until you have a fresh timed start. Do not rush to cross after the timer has been running. If you should get stranded at the divider, remain there until the next signal. Do not try to beat the traffic.
  • Beware of cars making a right turn on red from behind you. Do not assume they see you and will yield. The drivers are often focused to their left for approaching vehicles.
  • Never cross an intersection diagonally. .
  • Make sure that traffic comes to a full stop before crossing at a light. Do not assume that they will not run the light. Once again beware of the distracted drivers.

Steps to take if driving in bright sun | MetroLaw

Most people would rather drive on a sunny day than one in which rain, snow, or ice is pouring down. Unfortunately, many issues can come about when driving in bright sun. If you don't take the right approach, your vision could be compromised, thus increasing the chance of an accident.

While bright sun can impact your vision at any time of the day, this is most likely to occur during the early morning and late evening hours.

Here are some of the steps you can take to protect yourself, thus reducing the chance of causing an accident:

-- Wear a pair of high quality sunglasses.

-- Make good use of your sun visor.

-- Leave more space between you and any vehicles you are following.

-- Leave your headlights on, as this makes it easier for other drivers to see you.

Along with the above, it's important to keep your windshield clean and remove any reflective items from your dash.

Driving conditions are very rarely 100 percent perfect, but that doesn't mean you have an excuse to make mistakes on the road.

If sun glare is a problem, make sure you have a solution. If it is too bright for you to drive, pull over and wait a few minutes. Soon enough, the sun will have adjusted and you will be able to hit the road once again.

Remember this: Even if you are skilled at driving in the sun and have a plan for avoiding an accident, it could still cause another driver to make a poor decision.

State College police identify man killed in crash | Centre Daily Times

State College police provided additional details into Monday’s fatal crash on Earlystown Road in Harris Township. 

According to Lt. Keith Robb, the investigation revealed that Barbara Dean, 51, of Boalsburg, was traveling eastbound on Earlystown at about 6:40 a.m. when she experienced a “glare issue” and crossed the yellow lines into oncoming traffic. She then struck two vehicles — a Peterbilt dump truck, driven by Robert Queen, 58, of Irvona; and a Chevrolet Silverado, driven by Andrew Gill, 25, of Kreamer.

After being struck, Robb said, Queen lost control of his truck, crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a Saturn sedan driven by William Steven Smiles, 47, of Centre Hall. The truck then rolled onto its side.

Centre County Coronor Scott Sayers pronounced Smiles dead at the scene, Robb said…

Sun cause of crash, motorcyclist says | Brainerd Dispatch

The blinding sun was the cause of a motorcycle crash on Highway 25 Sunday, according to the motorcyclist.

The Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office reported at 12:22 p.m. Sunday, 33-year-old Robert Allen Collison was injured when his motorcycle veered into the ditch and crashed on Highway 25 south of Thiesse Road...

Some great advice here >

"8 Easy Ways to Reduce Sunshine Glare on Your Windshield" via @thenewswheel

We’ve all experienced it at some point: you’re driving down the road and make a turn when the setting/rising sun casts a blinding glare across your windshield, making it nearly impossible to see. Not only is this situation incredibly frustrating, it’s also very dangerous. In those moments, we panic and scramble to make it easier to see. 

But what can you do to enhance your visibility and prevent sun glare on your windshield? Here are eight important steps to make driving in the sunshine safer…

Read on for details…

@SafeDriver This also helps you keep your eyes off your phone and on the road.

RT Shane O'Connor ‏@oconnorshane: Rear seat passengers are three times more likely to die in a crash if not wearing seat belt.

> @oconnorshane @PublicSafetyNL Not only that, unbuckled passengers are a hazard to other passengers in a crash.

Sun glare difficult to deal with when rounding curve >

Fatal-crash driver says she was blinded by sun | Mayo News

A Westport woman had pleaded not guilty to a charge of careless driving causing the death of a 67-year-old cyclist in January 2015...

Matt Walsh of Knockrooskey, Westport, was killed when the car Ms O’Rourke was driving went into the back of a bicycle Mr Walsh was cycling at Gurteen, Aughagower, Westport on the morning of January 10, 2015...

Ms O’Rourke told the court she was ‘blinded’ by the glare of the low sun that morning just before she hit Mr Walsh...

Garda Denis Egan was the first garda on the scene. He said Ms O’Rourke told him ‘the sun was shining in my eyes’ and that ‘I didn’t see him’. He added that at 12.05pm he noticed his view was ‘caught by the strong glare’ of the sun.

Two days later Garda Egan went back to the scene at the same time of the accident to examine the area in similar weather conditions. He said his view was ‘immediately caught by the glare of the sun’. He said he found it ‘hard to see’ his garda colleague Darran Conlon due south from him due to the glare from the sun, even though Garda Conlon was wearing a high visibility jacket.

Garda Egan took a statement from Ms O’Rourke two days after the accident. She told him she was ‘completely blinded’ as she took the right-hand bend before the point of impact...

Local Optometrist says there are ways to combat the glare of the sun while driving | WDAY News

It's happened to the best of drivers; a summer day and the glare from the sun makes it almost impossible to see.

It's an inevitable thing but there are ways that you can make you, and everyone else around you, a little safer.

Eye Doctors recommend getting a pair of polarized sunglasses, which specifically is used to help against glare from the sun.

The time of day makes a significant impact on how bad the glare is, but it's always a good idea to try and take steps to minimize risk.

"Evening driving, morning driving, dusk and dawn. That level of glare really causes a hazard for us and so if we can reduce that glare; increase our reaction time by seeing things it just improves the safety of things by a long shot," says Dr. Mike Rexine, Optometrist at Eyes on Broadway.

Eye Doctors also suggest to utilize your sun visor or a brim of a cap can help block the sun, too.

5 cities Toronto could copy to improve road safety | CBC News

Sixteen pedestrians have been killed on Toronto streets in 2016. 

That's 16 more people than John Tory would like. His aim is to bring those pedestrian fatalities to a halt, with zero by 2021…

Here's a look at how five other cities implemented the traffic safety plans…

Read on…

Pedestrians have 90% chance of surviving collision if vehicle going 30 kph or less, but only 10% if over 50 kph


RT Traffic Scotland ‏@trafficscotland: Good morning Scotland! Low sun glare in many areas. Please take care and Stay Safe.

> Hope that's not the exit you were looking for...

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Sun/Shade & Urban Development – June 2016

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Mastering light and shadow | Daily News 

An architect is a master manipulator of light and shadow. His instincts have been honed by years of study to be able to manipulate light. Sunlight is something that is very desirable. Light and shade are part of our designs. In fact, they are the tools of an architect…

In Mexico City, a Battle Over a Building and the Art in Its Shadow | NY Times

It is a simple sculpture: 64 concrete pyramids that stand in a perfect circle around two-and-a-half acres of rippling, black volcanic rock. 

Known as “Espacio Escultórico” (“Sculptural Space”), the sculpture was inaugurated in 1979 here on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. It is considered one of the most important pieces of land art in Mexico, a tranquil oasis in a chaotic city. But the recent construction of a white eight-story building nearby has prompted a furious protest that pits the university’s needs against Mexico’s cultural heritage.

The campaign against the building, which looms over the 13-foot pyramids from less than a quarter-mile away, has drawn hundreds of artists, architects and intellectuals from Mexico and beyond…

How much sun does your Toronto condo get? Check here by time of year and the direction you face

Nice to see 5 of 10 are Clients >

The top 10 Toronto developments on BuzzBuzzHome in May 2016 | via @buzzbuzzhome

Raising playground 15' to reduce shadow >

Shadow Concerns for 16th and Mission Housing Project | via @MLNow

Mirroring a move made in the Bryant Street case, activists on Thursday proposed an alternative for the site at 16th and Mission and called the fully affordable project — which would also transform the 16th Street Bart Plaza into a park — the “Marvel in the Mission.”

The idea of towering complexes in the middle of the Mission District — two of the buildings in the current proposal will be 10 stories and another five stories — is concerning for opponents because of a shadow that would be cast on the playground of Marshall Elementary School nearby.

The developer has agreed to raise the school’s playground by 15 feet to mitigate the impact, but opponents are still resistant…

Sunset clause: Activists sue to stop shadow-casting Heights Library tower | Brooklyn Paper

The Brooklyn Heights Library sale was a shadowy deal, a new lawsuit alleges — but not in the way you think!

Activists are suing to stop the demolition of the branch, arguing the city didn’t do an adequate study into how the new library — and the luxury apartment tower above it — would impact the neighborhood before it agreed to sell the site to a developer last year.

Amongst other issues, the suit charges, it only considered how the building’s shadow will affect vegetation in local parks, but not how it will disturb parkgoers’ quest for sunshine.

“The fact that when these shadows occur a citizen of New York might be able to sit in the sunshine by going to a different park or moving around with shadows to other parts of the park belies the effects of the shadow on park users,” reads the lawsuit filed by anti-library-sale group Love Brooklyn Libraries…

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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – June 2016

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated.

At what time of day does UV peak? Check here for info and tips.

Solstice today June 20, 2016, at 6:34 PM EDT.

Today may be the longest day of the year, but the latest sunset in Toronto occurs on June 26th - 37 seconds later than June 20th.

Today may be the longest day of the year, but the latest sunset in Ottawa occurs on June 25th - 34 seconds later than June 20th.

Here's where the sun will be at the solstice at 6:34 PM EDT on June 20th. About 700-800 km NE of Hawaii.

Google image annotated by Ralph Bouwmeester

Proud and honoured to have designed the Air India Flight182 memorial sundial in Toronto.

image via   @jfkinstitutefub

My twitter profile header pic is Air India Flight182 memorial sundial which I designed for Humber Bay Park East, Toronto.

image via

The story of the Air India Flight182 memorial sundial in Humber Bay Park East, Toronto.

image via

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