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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sun Glare and Traffic Safety – November 2017

How many more times do we have to have a transport truck slam into slowing traffic before something is done?

Do transport trucks not have forward collision warning systems?? If not, they should be mandatory.

Vision Zero Street Team :: City of Edmonton via @cityofedmonton

Days are getting shorter and visibility is decreasing. Great article about how to combat "The Glare" and "The Dark".

End of Daylight Saving Time means increased driving danger via @salinapost

Most articles, including this one, focus on sleep deprivation and drowsy driving. Yes, changes in sun position and sun glare are briefly mentioned, yet I believe this is a vastly overlooked contributor to crashes after the time change.

Time change increases dangerous driving via @KSNNews @AAguilarKSN

Sun glare during the morning and afternoon commutes are discussed. As is early darkness and the increased danger to pedestrians.

Sun glare in the morning >

AAA: Clock change equals a different commute come Monday via Times Leader

Warnings about sun glare in the morning and darkness on the way home.


Renewed call for warning lights after rail death via Haslemere Herald

Senior out walking his dog may not have seen oncoming train due to low sun glare.

The 3 keys to defensive driving... anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.

RT @SunPosition: Sun glare tough in late stages at @PhoenixRaceway according to @JimmieJohnson -

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